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2017 Florida Statutes

Staff who provide transition assistance; duties.
F.S. 944.704
944.704 Staff who provide transition assistance; duties.The department shall provide a transition assistance specialist at each of the major institutions whose duties include, but are not limited to:
(1) Coordinating delivery of transition assistance program services at the institution and at the community correctional centers authorized pursuant to s. 945.091(1)(b).
(2) Assisting in the development of each inmate’s postrelease plan.
(3) Obtaining job placement information.
(4) Providing a written medical discharge plan and referral to a county health department.
(5) For an inmate who is known to be HIV positive, providing a 30-day supply of all HIV/AIDS-related medication that the inmate is taking prior to release, if required under protocols of the Department of Corrections and treatment guidelines of the United States Department of Health and Human Services.
(6) Facilitating placement in a private transition housing program, if requested by any eligible inmate. If an inmate who is nearing his or her date of release requests placement in a contracted substance abuse transition housing program, the transition assistance specialist shall inform the inmate of program availability and assess the inmate’s need and suitability for transition housing assistance. If an inmate is approved for placement, the specialist shall assist the inmate and coordinate the release of the inmate with the selected program. If an inmate requests and is approved for placement in a contracted faith-based substance abuse transition housing program, the specialist must consult with the chaplain prior to such placement. In selecting inmates who are nearing their date of release for placement in a faith-based program, the department shall ensure that an inmate’s faith orientation, or lack thereof, will not be considered in determining admission to the program and that the program does not attempt to convert an inmate toward a particular faith or religious preference.
(7) Providing a photo identification card to all inmates prior to their release.

The transition assistance specialist may not be a correctional officer or correctional probation officer as defined in s. 943.10. 7, 12, ch. 87-298; s. 13, ch. 88-122; s. 30, ch. 89-526; s. 4, ch. 91-281; s. 8, ch. 92-310; s. 22, ch. 95-283; s. 9, ch. 2001-110; s. 5, ch. 2002-292.