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2018 Florida Statutes

F.S. 624.87
624.87 Administrative supervision; expenses.
(1) During the period of supervision the office by contract or otherwise may appoint a deputy supervisor to supervise the insurer.
(2) Each insurer which is subject to administrative supervision by the office shall pay to the office the expenses of its administrative supervision at the rates adopted by the office. Expenses shall include actual travel expenses, a reasonable living expense allowance, compensation of the deputy supervisor or other person employed or appointed by the office for purposes of the supervision, and necessary attendant administrative costs of the office directly related to the supervision. The travel expense and living expense allowance shall be limited to those expenses necessarily incurred on account of the administrative supervision and shall be paid by the insurer together with compensation upon presentation by the office to the insurer of a detailed account of the charges and expenses after a detailed statement has been filed by the deputy supervisor or other person employed or appointed by the office and approved by the office.
(3) All moneys collected from insurers for the expenses of administrative supervision shall be deposited into the Insurance Regulatory Trust Fund, and the office is authorized to make deposits from time to time into this fund from moneys appropriated for the operation of the office.
(4) Notwithstanding the provisions of s. 112.061, the office is authorized to pay to the deputy supervisor or person employed or appointed by the office for purposes of the supervision out of such trust fund the actual travel expenses, reasonable living expense allowance, and compensation in accordance with the statement filed with the office by the deputy supervisor or other person, as provided in subsection (2), upon approval by the office.
(5) The office may in whole or in part defer payment of expenses due from the insurer pursuant to this section upon a showing that payment would adversely impact on the financial condition of the insurer and jeopardize its rehabilitation. The payment shall be made by the insurer when the condition is removed and the payment would no longer jeopardize the insurer’s financial condition. 71, 72, ch. 89-360; s. 4, ch. 91-429; s. 863, ch. 2003-261.