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2018 Florida Statutes

F.S. 947.172
947.172 Establishment of presumptive parole release date.
(1) The hearing examiner shall conduct an initial interview in accordance with the provisions of s. 947.16. This interview shall include introduction and explanation of the objective parole guidelines as they relate to presumptive and effective parole release dates and an explanation of the institutional conduct record and satisfactory release plan for parole supervision as each relates to parole release.
(2) Based on the objective parole guidelines and any other competent evidence relevant to aggravating and mitigating circumstances, the hearing examiner shall, within 10 days after the interview, recommend in writing to a panel of no fewer than two commissioners appointed by the chair a presumptive parole release date for the inmate. The chair shall assign cases to such panels on a random basis, without regard to the inmate or to the commissioners sitting on the panel. If the recommended presumptive parole release date falls outside the matrix time ranges as determined by the objective parole guidelines, the hearing examiner shall include with the recommendation a statement in writing as to the reasons for the decision, specifying individual particularities. If a panel fails to reach a decision on a recommended presumptive parole release date, the chair or any other commissioner designated by the chair shall cast the deciding vote. Within 90 days after the date of the initial interview, the inmate shall be notified in writing of the decision as to the inmate’s presumptive parole release date.
(3) A presumptive parole release date shall become binding on the commission when agreement on the presumptive parole release date is reached. Should the presumptive parole release date fall outside the matrix time ranges as determined by the objective parole guidelines, the reasons for this decision shall be stated in writing with individual particularities. 13, 21, ch. 78-417; s. 107, ch. 79-3; s. 7, ch. 79-42; s. 500, ch. 81-259; s. 5, ch. 81-322; s. 11, ch. 82-171; s. 34, ch. 83-131; s. 4, ch. 85-295; s. 37, ch. 86-183; s. 67, ch. 88-122; s. 17, ch. 89-531; s. 20, ch. 90-337; s. 1, ch. 93-2; s. 1674, ch. 97-102.