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The Florida Senate

2018 Florida Statutes

The Florida Statutes are updated annually after the conclusion of a regular legislative session, typically published in July/August. 

43 Sections found

Chapter Title
493.6100 Legislative intent.
493.6101 Definitions.
493.6102 Inapplicability of this chapter.
493.6103 Authority to make rules.
493.61035 Credit for relevant military training and education.
493.6104 Advisory council.
493.6105 Initial application for license.
493.6106 License requirements; posting.
493.6107 Fees.
493.6108 Investigation of applicants by Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services.
493.6109 Reciprocity.
493.6110 Licensee’s insurance.
493.6111 License; contents; identification card.
493.6112 Notification to Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services of changes of partner or officer or employees.
493.6113 Renewal application for licensure.
493.6114 Cancellation or inactivation of license.
493.6115 Weapons and firearms.
493.6116 Sponsorship of interns.
493.6117 Division of Licensing Trust Fund.
493.6118 Grounds for disciplinary action.
493.6119 Divulging investigative information; false reports prohibited.
493.6120 Violations; penalty.
493.6121 Enforcement; investigation.
493.6122 Information about licensees; confidentiality.
493.6123 Publication to industry.
493.6124 Use of state seal; prohibited.
493.6125 Maintenance of information concerning administrative complaints and disciplinary actions.
493.6126 Saving clauses.
493.6201 Classes of licenses.
493.6202 Fees.
493.6203 License requirements.
493.6301 Classes of licenses.
493.6302 Fees.
493.6303 License requirements.
493.6304 Security officer school or training facility.
493.6305 Uniforms, required wear; exceptions.
493.631 Temporary detention by a licensed security officer or licensed security agency manager at critical infrastructure facilities.
493.6401 Classes of licenses.
493.6402 Fees.
493.6403 License requirements.
493.6404 Property inventory; vehicle license identification numbers.
493.6405 Sale of motor vehicle, mobile home, motorboat, aircraft, personal watercraft, all-terrain vehicles, farm equipment, or industrial equipment by a licensee; penalty.
493.6406 Recovery agent school or training facility.