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The Florida Senate

2019 Florida Statutes

The Florida Statutes are updated annually after the conclusion of a regular legislative session, typically published in July/August. 

51 Sections found

Chapter Title
189.01 Short title.
189.011 Statement of legislative purpose and intent.
189.012 Definitions.
189.013 Special districts; creation, dissolution, and reporting requirements.
189.014 Designation of registered office and agent.
189.015 Meetings; notice; required reports.
189.016 Reports; budgets; audits.
189.017 Rulemaking authority.
189.018 Fee schedule; Grants and Donations Trust Fund.
189.019 Codification.
189.02 Dependent special districts.
189.021 Refund of certain special assessments.
189.022 Status statement.
189.03 Statement of legislative purpose and intent; independent special districts.
189.031 Legislative intent for the creation of independent special districts; special act prohibitions; model elements and other requirements; local general-purpose government/Governor and Cabinet creation authorizations.
189.0311 Independent special districts; charter requirements.
189.033 Independent special district services in disproportionally affected county; rate reduction for providers providing economic benefits.
189.04 Elections; general requirements and procedures.
189.041 Elections; special requirements and procedures for districts with governing bodies elected on a one-acre/one-vote basis.
189.042 Special district bond referenda.
189.05 Collection of non-ad valorem assessments.
189.051 Bond issuance.
189.052 Assessments levied on facilities regulated under chapter 513.
189.053 Purchases from purchasing agreements of special districts, municipalities, or counties.
189.054 Purchase, sale, or privatization of water, sewer, or wastewater reuse utility by special district.
189.055 Treatment of special districts.
189.056 Downtown development districts; ad valorem taxation.
189.06 Legislative intent; centralized location.
189.061 Official list of special districts.
189.062 Special procedures for inactive districts.
189.063 Education programs for new members of district governing bodies.
189.064 Special District Accountability Program; duties and responsibilities.
189.065 Special districts; oversight of state funds use.
189.0651 Oversight of special districts created by special act of the Legislature.
189.0652 Oversight of special districts created by local ordinance or enacted by local resolution.
189.0653 Information before public hearing on noncompliance.
189.066 Effect of failure to file certain reports or information.
189.067 Failure of district to disclose financial reports.
189.068 Special districts; authority for oversight; general oversight review process.
189.069 Special districts; required reporting of information; web-based public access.
189.07 Definitions.
189.071 Merger or dissolution of a dependent special district.
189.072 Dissolution of an independent special district.
189.073 Legislative merger of independent special districts.
189.074 Voluntary merger of independent special districts.
189.075 Involuntary merger of independent special districts.
189.076 Financial allocations.
189.0761 Exemptions.
189.08 Special district public facilities report.
189.081 Activities of special districts; local government comprehensive planning.
189.082 Water management district technical assistance; local government comprehensive planning.