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The Florida Senate

2021 Florida Statutes (Including 2021B Session)

The Florida Statutes are updated annually after the conclusion of a regular legislative session, typically published in July/August. 

54 Sections found

Chapter Title
651.011 Definitions.
651.012 Exempted facility; written disclosure of exemption.
651.013 Chapter exclusive; applicability of other laws.
651.014 Insurance business not authorized.
651.015 Administration; forms; fees; rules; fines.
651.018 Administrative supervision.
651.019 New financing, additional financing, or refinancing.
651.021 Certificate of authority required.
651.0215 Consolidated application for a provisional certificate of authority and a certificate of authority; required restrictions on use of entrance fees.
651.022 Provisional certificate of authority; application.
651.023 Certificate of authority; application.
651.0235 Validity of provisional certificates of authority and certificates of authority.
651.024 Acquisition.
651.0245 Application for the simultaneous acquisition of a facility and issuance of a certificate of authority.
651.0246 Expansions.
651.026 Annual reports.
651.0261 Quarterly and monthly statements.
651.028 Accredited facilities.
651.033 Escrow accounts.
651.034 Financial and operating requirements for providers.
651.035 Minimum liquid reserve requirements.
651.043 Approval of change in management.
651.051 Maintenance of assets and records in state.
651.055 Continuing care contracts; right to rescind.
651.057 Continuing care at-home contracts.
651.061 Dismissal or discharge of resident; refund.
651.065 Waiver of statutory protection.
651.071 Contracts as preferred claims on liquidation or receivership.
651.081 Residents’ council.
651.083 Residents’ rights.
651.085 Quarterly meetings between residents and the governing body of the provider; resident representation before the governing body of the provider.
651.091 Availability, distribution, and posting of reports and records; requirement of full disclosure.
651.095 Advertisements; requirements; penalties.
651.105 Examination.
651.106 Grounds for discretionary refusal, suspension, or revocation of certificate of authority.
651.1065 Soliciting or accepting new continuing care contracts by impaired or insolvent facilities or providers.
651.107 Duration of suspension; obligations during suspension period; reinstatement.
651.108 Administrative fines.
651.1081 Remedies available in cases of unlawful sale.
651.111 Requests for inspections.
651.114 Delinquency proceedings; remedial rights.
651.1141 Immediate final orders.
651.1151 Administrative, vendor, and management contracts.
651.116 Delinquency proceedings; additional provisions.
651.117 Order of liquidation; duties of the Department of Children and Families and the Agency for Health Care Administration.
651.118 Agency for Health Care Administration; certificates of need; sheltered beds; community beds.
651.119 Assistance to persons affected by closure due to liquidation or pending liquidation.
651.121 Continuing Care Advisory Council.
651.123 Alternative dispute resolution.
651.125 Criminal penalties; injunctive relief.
651.13 Civil action.
651.131 Actions under prior law.
651.132 Amendment or renewal of existing contracts.
651.134 Investigatory records.