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2022 Florida Statutes (including 2022C, 2022D, 2022A, and 2023B)

F.S. 288.92
288.92 Divisions of Enterprise Florida, Inc.
(1) Enterprise Florida, Inc., may create and dissolve divisions as necessary to carry out its mission. Each division shall have distinct responsibilities and complementary missions. At a minimum, Enterprise Florida, Inc., shall have divisions related to the following areas:
(a) International Trade and Business Development;
(b) Business Retention and Recruitment;
(c) Tourism Marketing;
(d) Minority Business Development; and
(e) Sports Industry Development.
(2)(a) The officers and agents of the divisions shall be hired and their annual compensation established by the president of Enterprise Florida, Inc., as deemed appropriate by the board of directors, and may be eligible for performance bonuses pursuant to s. 288.905. This paragraph does not apply to any employees of the corporation established pursuant to s. 288.1226.
(b)1. The following officers and board members are subject to ss. 112.313(1)-(8), (10), (12), and (15); 112.3135; and 112.3143(2):
a. Officers and members of the board of directors of the divisions of Enterprise Florida, Inc.
b. Officers and members of the board of directors of subsidiaries of Enterprise Florida, Inc.
c. Officers and members of the board of directors of corporations created to carry out the missions of Enterprise Florida, Inc.
d. Officers and members of the board of directors of corporations with which a division is required by law to contract to carry out its missions.
2. For purposes of applying ss. 112.313(1)-(8), (10), (12), and (15); 112.3135; and 112.3143(2) to activities of the officers and members of the board of directors specified in subparagraph 1., those persons shall be considered public officers or employees and the corporation shall be considered their agency.
(c) The board of directors of Enterprise Florida, Inc., may organize the divisions and, to the greatest extent possible, minimize costs by requiring that the divisions share administrative staff.
(3) Each division shall draft and submit an annual report for inclusion in the report required under s. 288.906 which details the division’s activities during the previous fiscal year and includes recommendations for improving current statutes related to the division’s area of responsibility.
History.s. 30, ch. 2011-142; s. 32, ch. 2013-39; s. 34, ch. 2013-42; s. 9, ch. 2014-183; s. 24, ch. 2017-233.