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2022 Florida Statutes (including 2022C, 2022D, 2022A, and 2023B)

Nonapplication of s. 877.22.
F.S. 877.24
877.24 Nonapplication of s. 877.22.Section 877.22 does not apply to a minor who is:
(1) Accompanied by his or her parent or by another adult authorized by the minor’s parent to have custody of the minor.
(2) Involved in an emergency or engaged, with his or her parent’s permission, in an emergency errand.
(3) Attending or traveling directly to or from an activity that involves the exercise of rights protected under the First Amendment of the United States Constitution.
(4) Going directly to or returning directly from lawful employment, or who is in a public place or establishment in connection with or as required by a business, trade, profession, or occupation in which the minor is lawfully engaged.
(5) Returning directly home from a school-sponsored function, a religious function, or a function sponsored by a civic organization.
(6) On the property of, or on the sidewalk of, the place where the minor resides, or who is on the property or sidewalk of an adult next-door neighbor with that neighbor’s permission.
(7) Engaged in interstate travel or bona fide intrastate travel with the consent of the minor’s parent.
(8) Attending an organized event held at and sponsored by a theme park or entertainment complex as defined in s. 509.013(9).
History.s. 86, ch. 94-209; s. 1433, ch. 97-102.