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Senator Powell, District 30 — Press Release


April 18, 2022

CONTACT: Michelle DeMarco, 850.487.5030

Senator Bobby Powell Slams Governor’s Latest CRT Witch Hunt

Banning of math textbooks latest salvo in governor’s ongoing culture war election strategy

Tallahassee —

State Senator Bobby Powell (D-West Palm Beach) on Monday slammed the governor’s latest Critical Race Theory witch hunt targeting math textbooks used by Florida public school students. 

“Banning math books because of some vague accusations of CRT content is the latest skirmish launched by the governor in his ongoing culture war election strategy,” said Senator Powell. "He has nothing to offer the people of Florida hammered by soaring rents, property insurance double-digit increases or mass cancellations, and zero vacancies for affordable housing. The people of Florida aren’t asking for anti-woke assistance. They need anti-broke help.” 

Late last week, the governor’s Department of Education reviewed 132 math books – most of them in grades K-5 - and banished 54 of them, 28 of which were targeted ostensibly because they incorporated “prohibited topics or unsolicited strategies, including CRT,” according to state officials. 

The governor’s Commissioner of Education, Richard Corcoran, praised his agency’s textbook banning as a model for other states at preventing “indoctrination or exposure to dangerous and divisive concepts.” Yet no hard evidence of such alleged prohibited content was released to justify the bans.

The textbook purges are the latest in a series of alarming moves by the governor to take his campaign for reelection and expected 2024 presidential run into Florida’s public school classrooms, targeting minority students as the political straw man to appease his hard line supporters.

Critical race theory, the academic study of institutional racism, is typically only taught at the graduate and post-graduate level, and not in lower grades.

Yet it has become a cause celeb for the governor as he seeks to gin up hysteria and boost his credentials among supporters of Donald Trump, his likely Republican rival for the presidential nomination.

“The governor has not only cooked up the CRT witch hunt, but in his head an image of himself as the only warrior able to fend off its influence in places where it’s not even taught,” said Senator Powell. “At the expense of Florida’s children, he is fighting imaginary ghosts of his own conjuring.”