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February 2, 2022

CONTACT: Veronica Sandoval, 786 877 9565

Senator Taddeo Comments On The Rejection of an Exemption For Rape and Incest Cases in SB 146

Tallahassee —

In response to the rejection of Leader Book’s amendment to SB 146: The Fetal and Infant Mortality Reduction ACT, which would alter the bill to include exceptions to their abortion ban in cases of rape, incest, and human trafficking, Senator Annette Taddeo issued the following statement: 

“As the so called “freest state in the country” I am appalled that my colleagues across the aisle would prohibit victims of rape, human trafficking and incest the right to make decisions over their own bodies. The government has no business making decisions that should be made by a woman in consultation with their doctor and their family and imposing its ways on victims whether it’s women's right to bodily autonomy, or limited government, or freedom. Republican leaders are showing us that the conservative values of freedom and limited government go right out the window when it comes to a woman’s choice about her own body.”