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The Florida Senate

Minority Office — Press Release


January 12, 2024

CONTACT: Jossie Barroso, (850) 487-5611

Florida Senate Democrats Share Vision for 2024 Legislative Session: “Florida Dreamin’: Strong Healthy Safe Free”

Tallahassee —

After kicking off the 2024 legislative session, the Florida Senate Democratic Caucus shared their vision for the session with a slate of highlighted bills titled “Florida Dreamin’: Strong Healthy Safe Free”. The bills highlight Democrats’ fight for policies and legislation that will ensure economic stability for every Floridian living in this state, give Floridians access to life-saving health care, address violence in our communities and make sure Floridians are free to speak, think, vote and be themselves. 

“These past few years, we’ve seen dangerous, divisive policies coming from Tallahassee with Republican leaders caving to a Governor more concerned with his own future than the future of Floridians,” Senate Democratic Leader Lauren Book (D-Davie) said. “Senate Democrats have brought solutions to the table to make this state a welcoming, affordable and accessible place for all.” 

Senate Democratic Leader Pro Tempore Jason Pizzo (D- Sunny Isles Beach), who will lead the Senate Democrats starting next session, said, “The focus of Republicans over the past few years has lost its luster, even within its own party. Let’s stand up against the elephant in the room and his failing campaign - let’s reaffirm our powers as a separate branch of government, where Republicans and Democrats can meet in the middle on policy to make Florida work for the people that live, work and enjoy this beautiful state. Our priorities as Democrats are just as important to our constituents as those of our colleagues - so let’s give them all a chance to have a positive impact on the people we serve.” 

“Our priorities are sensible, forward thinking and practical solutions to issues that face Floridians every single day,” said Senator Tracie Davis (D-Jacksonville), the Fiscal Policy Chair of the Florida Senate Democratic Caucus. “The Democratic Caucuses of the Senate and House are fighting hard for YOU and not just for culture wars.” 


·         Housing

o    Property Insurance

o   Leader Book - SB 348 - Insurance Rebate Program for Low-Income Seniors - Creates a pathway for low-income seniors living the Florida dream to keep the dream they worked hard for in the face of skyrocketing insurance premiums. 

o   Senator Pizzo - SB 1378 - Condo Reform - Gives the Attorney General’s office oversight over condominiums, timeshares, and mobile homes, with more power to investigate and go after unscrupulous condo boards.

o    Renters 

o   Senator Osgood - SB 64 - Landlords and Tenants - Puts guardrails on rent increases and requires landlords provide A/C in each and every rental. 

o   Senator Torres - SB 1244 - Keep Floridians Housed Act - Creates a department focused on the rights and needs of Florida renters and tenants.

·         Children & Seniors 

·         Senator Rouson - SB 556 - Senior Fraud Protection - Creates guardrails to prevent the financial exploitation of the elderly and vulnerable. 

·         Senator Powell - SB 1288 - Universal Early Child Care Program - Creates a scholarship for young children to attend child care programs.  

·         Environment

·         Senator Stewart - SB 36 - Comprehensive Waste Reduction and Recycling Plan - Directs Florida’s Environmental Protection Agency to develop a waste reduction and recycling plan to be used statewide. 

·         Senator Berman - SB 338 - Safe Waterways Act - Improves public notification of dangerous and contaminated waterways.



·         Medicaid Expansion

·         Senator Thompson - SB 946 - Medicaid Expansion - Increases access to a majority federally funded health care that reaches the most vulnerable and needy who don’t make enough to afford public or private insurance but aren’t eligible for the currently very narrow Medicaid eligibility requirements.

·         Senator Davis - SB 670 - Coverage for Mammograms and Supplemental Breast Cancer Screenings - Would close another gap in Medicaid coverage, expanding health care access and coverage for breast cancer screenings to women age 25 and up.

·         Pro-Choice Protections

·         Leader Book - SB 34 - Termination of Pregnancies, SB 254 - Picketing or Protesting in or Near Health Care Facilities, SB 256 - Pregnancy Support and Wellness Services - Protects women who make decisions for their own bodies and creates guardrails and safety protocols at the clinics they attend. 

·         Mental Health 

·         Senator Polsky - SB 164 - Mental Health Professional Shortages - Creates an incentive for mental health professionals to practice in mental health care deserts. 



·         Addressing Community Violence  

·         Senator Jones - SB 98 - Community Violence Task Force - Creates a task force to review and recommend fixes to the causes of high crime rate and violence in urban neighborhoods and communities.  

·         Gun Control

·         Senator Polsky - SB 180 - Background Checks for Bullets, SB 176 - Firearm Storage - Creates physical and screening safeguards to keep deadly weapons out of the wrong hands. 



·         Education

·         Senator Davis - SB 1414 - Freedom to Learn Act - Repeals restrictive policies in education and academics from the past few years - from book bans to classroom curriculum. 

·         Senator Jones - SB 344 - Required Instruction in the History of African Americans - Repeals requirement to teach the narrative that African-Americans ‘benefited’ from slavery. 

·         Health

·         Senator Jones - SB 1404 - Health Care Freedom Act - Repeals and restores access to health care restricted in the past few years - from abortion care, trans care and other types of health care.

·         Voting Rights

·         Senator Thompson - SB 1522 - Florida Voting Rights Act - Creates protections and access for Florida voters, based on the federal Voting Rights Act. 


About the Florida Senate Democrats

Florida’s Senate Democratic Caucus is made up of 12 Senators from around the Sunshine State - representing many parts of Florida, from the pristine beaches of South Florida to the vibrant neighborhoods of Central Florida, the natural resources of North Florida, and everything in between.  They fight for Floridians from all over the state, making sure Floridians have the opportunity to live a strong, healthy, safe and free life.   

This slate of bills represents only a fraction of the bills Senate Democrats have presented for the 2024 session that aim to help the people of Florida live a strong, healthy, safe and free life. Find more at:

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