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The Florida Senate

Senator Stewart, District 17 — Press Release


January 23, 2024

CONTACT: Travis Flinn, 850-487-5013

Bill Exempting Electric Bicycles And Scooters Passes First Committee

Tallahassee, FL – Senator Linda Stewart (D- Orlando) today, in the Senate Commerce and Tourism committee, secured a unanimous vote on SB 58. The bill would create two 45-day sales tax exemptions on electric assist bicycles, scooters and related safety equipment.


The bill is an effort to incentivize the purchase of small personal mobility vehicles designed to electrically assist its user in quickly traveling short distances.


“This is an effort to increase personal autonomy in transportation and help close transportation access gaps experienced by many Floridians. By providing this sales tax break we give people the chance to save a good amount of money on these sometimes expensive purchases and grant them greater access to opportunities through expanding their mobility,” said Stewart. “There are countless examples I could give where one of these devises could transform someone’s life and unlock opportunities in employment, education, and access to greater transportation resources.”


Specifically the bill would exempt from sales tax the following:

Electric bicycles with a sales price of $1,750 or less.
Electric scooters with a sales price of $500 or less.
A helmet with a sales price of $150 or less.
Knee pads with a sales price of $50 or less.
Elbow pads with a sales price of $50 or less.
A shirt, pants, jacket, or gloves with a sales price of $75 or less.

“I’m looking forward to seeing this exemption’s positive impact on our college campuses and around downtown centers where traffic and parking are always major issues. This reduction in automobiles on the road will not only free up space for those who must drive but also help reduce emissions,” said Stewart.