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The Florida Senate

2018 Florida Statutes

F.S. 943.6871
943.6871 Criminal justice data transparency.In order to facilitate the availability of comparable and uniform criminal justice data, the department shall:
(1) Collect, compile, maintain, and manage the data submitted by local and state entities pursuant to s. 900.05 and coordinate related activities to collect and submit data. The department shall create a unique identifier for each criminal case received from the clerks of court which identifies the person who is the subject of the criminal case. The unique identifier must be the same for that person in any court case and used across local and state entities for all information related to that person at any time. The unique identifier shall be randomly created and may not include any portion of the person’s social security number or date of birth.
(2) Promote criminal justice data sharing by making such data received under s. 900.05 comparable, transferable, and readily usable.
(3) Create and maintain an Internet-based database of criminal justice data received under s. 900.05 in a modern, open, electronic format that is machine-readable and readily accessible through an application program interface. The database shall allow the public to search, at a minimum, by each data element, county, judicial circuit, or unique identifier. The department may not require a license or charge a fee to access or receive information from the database.
(4) Develop written agreements with local, state, and federal agencies to facilitate criminal justice data sharing.
(5) Establish by rule:
(a) Requirements for the entities subject to the requirements of s. 900.05 to submit data through an application program interface.
(b) A data catalog defining data objects, describing data fields, and detailing the meaning of and options for each data element reported pursuant to s. 900.05.
(c) How data collected pursuant to s. 900.05 is compiled, processed, structured, used, or shared. The rule shall provide for tagging all information associated with each case number and unique identifier.
(d) Requirements for implementing and monitoring the Internet-based database under subsection (3).
(e) How information contained in the Internet-based database under subsection (3) is accessed by the public.
(6) Consult with local, state, and federal criminal justice agencies and other public and private users of the database under subsection (3) on the data elements collected under s. 900.05, the use of such data, and adding data elements to be collected.
(7) Monitor data collection procedures and test data quality to facilitate the dissemination of accurate, valid, reliable, and complete criminal justice data.
(8) Develop methods for archiving data, retrieving archived data, and data editing and verification.
History.s. 7, ch. 2018-127.