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2004 Florida Statutes

Guardians designated; proof of commitment.
Section 63.052, Florida Statutes 2004

63.052  Guardians designated; proof of commitment.--

(1)  For minors who have been placed for adoption with and permanently committed to an adoption entity, other than an intermediary, such adoption entity shall be the guardian of the person of the minor and has the responsibility and authority to provide for the needs and welfare of the minor.

(2)  For minors who have been voluntarily surrendered to an intermediary through an execution of a consent to adoption, the intermediary shall be responsible for the minor until the time a court orders preliminary approval of placement of the minor in the prospective adoptive home, after which time the prospective adoptive parents shall become guardians pending finalization of adoption, subject to the intermediary's right and responsibility to remove the child from the prospective adoptive home if the removal is deemed by the intermediary to be in the best interest of the child. Prior to the court's entry of an order granting preliminary approval of the placement, the intermediary shall have the responsibility and authority to provide for the needs and welfare of the minor. No minor shall be placed in a prospective adoptive home until that home has received a favorable preliminary home study, as provided in s. 63.092, within 1 year before such placement in the prospective home. The provisions of s. 627.6578 shall remain in effect notwithstanding the guardianship provisions in this section.

(3)  If a minor is surrendered to an adoption entity for subsequent adoption and a suitable prospective adoptive home is not available pursuant to s. 63.092 at the time the minor is surrendered to the adoption entity, the minor must be placed in foster care or with a relative until such a suitable prospective adoptive home is available.

(4)  If a minor is voluntarily surrendered to an adoption entity for subsequent adoption and the adoption does not become final within 180 days after termination of parental rights, the adoption entity must report to the court on the status of the minor and the court may at that time proceed under s. 39.701 or take action reasonably necessary to protect the best interest of the minor.

(5)  The recital in a written consent, answer, or recommendation filed by an adoption entity that the minor has been permanently committed to the adoption entity or that the adoption entity is duly licensed shall be prima facie proof of such commitment. A consent for adoption signed by an adoption entity need not comply with s. 63.082

(6)  Unless otherwise authorized by law or ordered by the court, the department is not responsible for expenses incurred by other adoption entities participating in placement of a minor.

(7)  The court retains jurisdiction of a minor who has been placed for adoption until the adoption is final. After a minor is placed with an adoption entity or prospective adoptive parent, the court may review the status of the minor and the progress toward permanent adoptive placement.

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