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2010 Florida Statutes

Secretary of Community Affairs; powers and duties; function of Department of Community Affairs with respect to federal grant-in-aid programs.
F.S. 163.03

Secretary of Community Affairs; powers and duties; function of Department of Community Affairs with respect to federal grant-in-aid programs.


The Secretary of Community Affairs shall:


Supervise and administer the activities of the department and shall advise the Governor, the Cabinet, and the Legislature with respect to matters affecting community affairs and local government and participate in the formulation of policies which best utilize the resources of state government for the benefit of local government.


Render services to local governments by assisting, upon request, in applying for and securing federal and state funds and by assisting the Executive Office of the Governor in coordinating the activities of the state with federal programs for assistance in and solution of urban problems.


Under the direction of the Governor, administer programs to apply rapidly all available aid to communities stricken by an emergency as defined in s. 252.34(3) and, for this purpose, provide liaison with federal agencies and other public and private agencies.


When requested, administer programs which will assist the efforts of local governments in developing mutual and cooperative solutions to their common problems.


Conduct programs to encourage and promote the involvement of private enterprise in the solution of urban problems.


Conduct continuing programs of analysis and evaluation of local governments and recommend to the Governor programs and changes in the powers and organization of local government as may seem necessary to strengthen local governments.


Assist the Governor and the Cabinet in coordinating and making more effective the activities and services of those departments and agencies of the state which may be of service to units of local government.


Provide consultative services and technical assistance to local officials in the fields of housing, redevelopment and renewal, local public improvement programs, planning and zoning, and other local programs and collect and disseminate information pertaining thereto, including information concerning federal, state, and private assistance programs and services.


Conduct research and studies, and prepare model ordinances and codes relating to the areas referred to herein.


Cooperate with other state agencies in the preparation of statewide plans relating to housing, redevelopment and renewal, human resources development, local planning and zoning, transportation and traffic, and other matters relating to the purposes of this section.


Accept funds from all sources to be utilized in programs designed to combat juvenile crime, including the making of contributions to the National Youth Emergency Corps.


Be authorized to accept and disburse funds from all sources in order to carry out the following programs:


Advisory and informational services to local governments.


Community development training under Title VIII of the Housing Act of 1964.


Local planning assistance under s. 701 of the Housing Act of 1954.


Statewide planning assistance under s. 701 of the Housing Act of 1954.


Model cities technical assistance under s. 701 of the Housing Act of 1954.


Perform such other functions, duties, or responsibilities as may be hereafter assigned to him or her by law.


It is the intent of this section, with respect to federal grant-in-aid programs, that the department serve as the agency for disseminating information to local governments regarding the availability of federal grant-in-aid assistance to local governments in their efforts to secure federal grant-in-aid assistance, but only upon the request of such local governments, and for assisting local governments in maintaining liaison and communications with federal agencies concerning federal grant-in-aid programs. Nothing contained herein shall be construed to require consent, approval, or authorization from the department as a condition to any application for or acceptance of grants-in-aid from the United States Government.


The department is authorized to adopt rules implementing the following grant programs, which rules shall be consistent with the laws, regulations, or guidelines governing the grant to the department:


Criminal justice grant programs administered by the Bureau of Criminal Justice Assistance.


Grants under the federal Outer Continental Shelf Program administered by the Bureau of Land and Water Management.


Federal housing assistance programs.


Community Services Block Grant programs.


Federal weatherization grant programs.


The Jobs Impact Program of the federal Community Development Block Grant.


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