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The Florida Senate

2010 Florida Statutes

Safe neighborhood districts; cooperation and involvement of community organizations.
F.S. 163.523

Safe neighborhood districts; cooperation and involvement of community organizations.

To the extent possible, local governments may cooperate and seek the involvement of community organizations such as churches, chambers of commerce, community development corporations, civic associations, neighborhood housing services, urban leagues, and other not-for-profit organizations in the creation of safe neighborhood improvement districts under this part. Any neighborhood improvement district may enter into agreements with any of such community organizations to undertake any of the activities authorized under this part, except the preparation of safe neighborhood improvement plans. To this end, the district may compensate any such organization for the value of its service. However, such compensation shall not exceed 1 percent of the total annual budget of the district. The community organization may also contract with the district to provide maintenance services for projects implemented in the district. The fee for such services shall not exceed 2 percent of the total budget for the district’s project for which services are to be rendered. All service agreements made with community organizations shall have a renewable term of no longer than 3 years. A district may receive funds from such organizations in connection with the performance of any of the functions authorized in this part.


s. 32, ch. 88-381.