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2010 Florida Statutes

Supervisors to fix compensation for work and employees.
F.S. 298.20

Supervisors to fix compensation for work and employees.

The board of supervisors, except where otherwise provided, shall, by resolution, at time of hiring or appointing, provide for the compensation for work done by any officer, engineer, attorney, or other employee and shall also pay the fees, and necessary expenses of all court and county officers who may, by virtue of this chapter, render service to said district. Reimbursement of travel expenses shall be made as provided by s. 112.061. It is understood that the ordinary fee statute does not apply to services rendered under this chapter by any county officer, but each such officer shall receive only a reasonable compensation for services actually rendered, the same to be fixed by the court in which the proceeding is pending, except where otherwise provided in this chapter, that said districts or petitioners for such corporations may prepare, write or print all copies of petitions, writs, orders, and decrees or other papers, and furnish same to the clerk or other officer for his or her use, and in such event said officer shall be entitled to receive as compensation for issuing the said writs and copies of petitions, decrees, orders, or other papers, only the reasonable value of the services actually rendered.


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