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2010 Florida Statutes

Supervisors authorized to take land for rights-of-way, etc.; payment.
F.S. 298.23

Supervisors authorized to take land for rights-of-way, etc.; payment.

The board of supervisors of a district organized under this chapter shall not have the right to enter upon, or appropriate, any land for rights-of-way, holding basins or other works of the district, until the prices awarded to the owners of such land shall have been paid to such owners, or into the hands of the clerks of the circuit courts of the county or counties within which the respective lands are located for the use of such owners; and if the sums awarded be not so paid within 5 years from the date of filing the engineer’s reports, all proceedings as to the taking of such property for rights-of-way, holding basins and other works, not so paid for, shall abate at the cost of said district. Whenever any land is acquired by any district under the provisions of this chapter and the price of such property has been paid the owner by the district, the title, use, possession and enjoyment of such property shall pass from the owner and be vested in the district, and subject to its use, profit, employment and final disposition. The price awarded for all lands acquired by any district for rights-of-way, holding basins, or other works, and the amount of damage assessed by the board of supervisors to any tract or parcel of land or other property in the district, shall be paid in cash to the owner thereof or to the clerk of the court for the use of such owner, and that portion of any tract or parcel of land not taken for use of the district shall be assessed for the benefits accruing in accordance with the provisions in this chapter.


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