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The Florida Senate

2010 Florida Statutes

F.S. 298.24

Bridge construction.

All bridges contemplated by this chapter and all enlargements of bridges already in existence shall be built and enlarged according to and in compliance with the plans, specifications and orders made or approved by the chief engineer of the district. If any such bridge shall belong to any corporation, or be needed over a public highway or right-of-way of any corporation, the secretary of said board of supervisors shall give such corporation notice by delivering to its agent or officer, in any county wherein said district is situate, a copy of the order of the board of supervisors of said district declaring the necessity for the construction or enlargement of said bridge. A failure to construct or enlarge such bridge, within the time specified in such order, shall be taken as a refusal to do said work by said corporation, and thereupon the said board of supervisors shall proceed to let the work of constructing or enlarging the same at the expense of the corporation for the cost thereof, which costs shall be collected by said board of supervisors from said corporation, by suit therefor, if necessary. But before said board of supervisors shall let such work, it shall give some agent or officer of said corporation, authorized by the laws of this state to accept service of summons, or upon whom service of summons for said corporation might be made, at least 20 days’ actual notice of the time and place of letting such work. Any owner of land, within or without the district, may, at the owner’s expense, and in compliance with the terms and provisions of this chapter, construct a bridge across any drain, ditch, canal, or excavation in or out of said district. Each district shall have full authority to construct and maintain any ditch or lateral provided in its water control plan, across any of the public highways of this state, without proceedings for the condemnation of the same, or being liable for damages therefor. Within 10 days after a dredge boat or any other excavating machine shall have completed a ditch across any public highway, a bridge shall be constructed and maintained over such drainage ditch where the same crosses such highway; provided, however, the word corporation as used in this section shall not apply to counties.


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