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2010 Florida Statutes

Reinstatement; renewal of license; reinstatement fee.
F.S. 324.071

Reinstatement; renewal of license; reinstatement fee.

Any operator or owner whose license or registration has been suspended pursuant to s. 324.051(2), s. 324.072, s. 324.081, or s. 324.121 may effect its reinstatement upon compliance with the provisions of s. 324.051(2)(a)3. or 4., or s. 324.081(2) and (3), as the case may be, and with one of the provisions of s. 324.031 and upon payment to the department of a nonrefundable reinstatement fee of $15. Only one such fee shall be paid by any one person irrespective of the number of licenses and registrations to be then reinstated or issued to such person. All such fees shall be deposited to a department trust fund. When the reinstatement of any license or registration is effected by compliance with s. 324.051(2)(a)3. or 4., the department shall not renew the license or registration within a period of 3 years from such reinstatement, nor shall any other license or registration be issued in the name of such person, unless the operator is continuing to comply with one of the provisions of s. 324.031.


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Former s. 324.05.