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The Florida Senate

2010 Florida Statutes

F.S. 553.971

Certification statements.


Manufacturers of products covered by this part shall certify to the department that such products are in compliance with the provisions of this part.


Except as provided in subsection (3), the manufacturer shall submit a certification statement to the department for each model, containing the following information:


Name and address of manufacturer.


Type of product.


Brand name.


Model number, as it appears on the product name plate.


Name and address of laboratory where test for efficiency was performed.


Date of test for efficiency.


Results of the test for efficiency, expressed in terms consistent with the applicable test procedure identified in s. 553.961.


Sufficient information about the model number or other identification by which the date of manufacture can be readily ascertained.


A declaration that the product model complies with the standards established by this part.


Every certification statement shall be dated and signed by the manufacturer attesting to its truth and accuracy under penalty of perjury. If the manufacturer is either a corporation or a business association, the certification statement shall be dated, signed, and attested to by an officer thereof.


Within 45 days after receipt of a certification statement, the department shall forward to the manufacturer an acknowledgment that the statement has been received and that it is complete and accurate on its face.


Manufacturers or distributors of covered products that participate in a nationally recognized product certification program are exempt from the requirements of subsection (2), except that sufficient information about the model number or identification by which the date of manufacture can be readily ascertained shall be provided to the department.


The following information shall appear on each product:


The manufacturer’s or distributor’s name or brand name.


The model number as used in certifying compliance with the provisions of this part.


The date of manufacture, which may be coded into the model or serial number for the product.


The department may require, by rule, other information necessary to permit the determination that products covered by this part comply with the standards established herein.


s. 1, ch. 87-271.