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The Florida Senate

2010 Florida Statutes

F.S. 631.929

Election of remedies.

An injured worker who has a date of accident which occurred before January 1, 1994, and is not receiving benefits due under chapter 440 due to the insolvency of a self-insurance fund or its successors, regardless of the date declared insolvent by the court, may elect to seek medical care, treatment, and attendance, and compensation required under ss. 440.15 and 440.16 from the corporation and forego the remedy to seek benefits from his or her employer or the insolvent self-insurance fund. An employee who so elects may be required to obtain medical care, treatment, and attendance through a managed care plan comporting with the requirement of s. 440.134 if the plan of operation so provides. An injured worker has 60 days to seek benefits from the corporation upon ratification by the corporation of his or her right to elect a remedy under this part. If the injured worker elects to pursue his or her remedy under the provisions of this part, the corporation may, with the agreement of the injured employee, pay a lump-sum payment in exchange for the corporation’s and employer’s release from liability for future medical and compensation expenses, as well as any other benefit provided under chapter 440. However, there shall be no entitlement to attorney’s fees, penalties, interest, or costs to be paid on any claim presented to the corporation under this part. This section shall not create any cause of action against any employer who purchased workers’ compensation insurance coverage pursuant to s. 440.38.


s. 24, ch. 97-262; s. 45, ch. 99-7.