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The Florida Senate

2010 Florida Statutes

F.S. 1009.9988

Annual report.

Each authority shall keep an accurate account of all of its activities and shall annually provide a report thereof to the commission and to the Commissioner of Education. Such report shall be a public record and open for inspection at the offices of the authority during normal business hours. The report shall include:


Summaries of all applications by institutions of higher education for education loan financing assistance presented to the authority during such fiscal year;


Summaries of all education loan programs which have received any form of financial assistance from the authority during such year;


The nature and amount of all education loan financing assistance;


A report concerning the financial condition of the various education loan series portfolios; and


Projected activities of the authority for the next fiscal year, including projections of the total amount of financial assistance anticipated and the amount of obligations that will be necessary to provide the projected level of assistance during the next fiscal year.


s. 516, ch. 2002-387.