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The Florida Senate

2010 Florida Statutes

F.S. 553.901

Purpose of thermal efficiency code.

The Department of Community Affairs shall prepare a thermal efficiency code to provide for a statewide uniform standard for energy efficiency in the thermal design and operation of all buildings statewide, consistent with energy conservation goals, and to best provide for public safety, health, and general welfare. The Florida Building Commission shall adopt the Florida Energy Efficiency Code for Building Construction within the Florida Building Code, and shall modify, revise, update, and maintain the code to implement the provisions of this thermal efficiency code and amendments thereto, in accordance with the procedures of chapter 120. The department shall, at least triennially, determine the most cost-effective energy-saving equipment and techniques available and report its determinations to the commission, which shall update the code to incorporate such equipment and techniques. The proposed changes shall be made available for public review and comment no later than 6 months prior to code implementation. The term “cost-effective,” for the purposes of this part, shall be construed to mean cost-effective to the consumer.


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