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The Florida Senate

2011 Florida Statutes

F.S. 582.04
582.04 Appropriate corrective methods.To control or prevent soil erosion and prevent floodwater and sediment damages, and further the conservation, development and utilization of soil and water resources and the disposal of water, it is necessary that land use practices contributing to soil wastage and soil erosion be discouraged and discontinued, and appropriate soil-conserving land use practices and works of improvement for flood prevention or the conservation, development and utilization of soil and water resources and the disposal of water be adopted and carried out; among the works of improvement and procedures necessary for widespread adoption, are the carrying on of engineering operations, such as the construction of terraces, terrace outlets, check-dams, desilting basins, floodwater retarding structures, channel improvements, floodways, dikes, ponds, ditches, and the like; the utilization of strip-cropping, lister furrowing, contour cultivating, and contour furrowing; land drainage; land irrigation, seeding and planting of waste, sloping, abandoned, or eroded lands to water conserving and erosion-preventing plants, trees, and grasses; forestation and reforestation; rotation of crops; soil stabilization with trees, grasses, legumes, and other thick-growing, soil-holding crops; the addition of soil amendments, manurial materials and fertilizers for the correction of soil deficiencies or for the promotion of increased growth of soil protecting crops; retardation of runoff by increasing absorption of rainfall; retirement from cultivation of steep, highly erosive areas and areas now badly gullied or otherwise eroded; fish and wildlife or recreational developments; and control of artesian wells.
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