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2011 Florida Statutes

Frozen concentrated orange juice; requirements; labeling.
F.S. 601.9909
601.9909 Frozen concentrated orange juice; requirements; labeling.Subject to the provisions of ss. 601.9913 and 601.9914, no frozen concentrated orange juice shall be sold, offered for sale, shipped, or offered for shipment which:
(1) Is concentrated to less than 41.8 or more than 47 degrees Brix. The Brix reading, if determined refractometrically, shall include corrections for citric acid.
(2) Has a lower ratio of total soluble solids to anhydrous citric acid of less than 12 to 1 or a higher ratio of total soluble solids to anhydrous citric acid than 19.5 to 1.
(3) Contains more than 0.120 milliliters of recoverable oil per 100 grams of concentrate.
(4) Contains any additives of any kind.
(5) Does not taste essentially the same as freshly expressed orange juice of similar quality and is not completely free of all fermented, cooked, terpeny, or other off-flavors; or does not meet all requirements of the rules of the Department of Citrus regarding color, absence of defects, taste, and flavor; unless the immediate container thereof shall be labeled in accordance with rules of the Department of Citrus, and there shall appear on such label the word “substandard” in bold type not less than 1/4 inch high printed or stamped diagonally thereon.
History.s. 108, ch. 25149, 1949; s. 1, ch. 29759, 1955; s. 1, ch. 61-67; s. 22, ch. 71-186; s. 1, ch. 77-6; s. 161, ch. 79-164.
Note.Former s. 601.0108.