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2013 Florida Statutes

F.S. 189.415
189.415 Special district public facilities report.
(1) It is declared to be the policy of this state to foster coordination between special districts and local general-purpose governments as those local general-purpose governments develop comprehensive plans under the Community Planning Act, pursuant to part II of chapter 163.
(2) Each independent special district shall submit to each local general-purpose government in which it is located a public facilities report and an annual notice of any changes. The public facilities report shall specify the following information:
(a) A description of existing public facilities owned or operated by the special district, and each public facility that is operated by another entity, except a local general-purpose government, through a lease or other agreement with the special district. This description shall include the current capacity of the facility, the current demands placed upon it, and its location. This information shall be required in the initial report and updated every 7 years at least 12 months before the submission date of the evaluation and appraisal notification letter of the appropriate local government required by s. 163.3191. The department shall post a schedule on its website, based on the evaluation and appraisal notification schedule prepared pursuant to s. 163.3191(5), for use by a special district to determine when its public facilities report and updates to that report are due to the local general-purpose governments in which the special district is located.
(b) A description of each public facility the district is building, improving, or expanding, or is currently proposing to build, improve, or expand within at least the next 7 years, including any facilities that the district is assisting another entity, except a local general-purpose government, to build, improve, or expand through a lease or other agreement with the district. For each public facility identified, the report shall describe how the district currently proposes to finance the facility.
(c) If the special district currently proposes to replace any facilities identified in paragraph (a) or paragraph (b) within the next 10 years, the date when such facility will be replaced.
(d) The anticipated time the construction, improvement, or expansion of each facility will be completed.
(e) The anticipated capacity of and demands on each public facility when completed. In the case of an improvement or expansion of a public facility, both the existing and anticipated capacity must be listed.
(3) A special district proposing to build, improve, or expand a public facility which requires a certificate of need pursuant to chapter 408 shall elect to notify the appropriate local general-purpose government of its plans either in its 7-year plan or at the time the letter of intent is filed with the Agency for Health Care Administration pursuant to s. 408.039.
(4) Those special districts building, improving, or expanding public facilities addressed by a development order issued to the developer pursuant to s. 380.06 may use the most recent annual report required by s. 380.06(15) and (18) and submitted by the developer, to the extent the annual report provides the information required by subsection (2).
(5) The facilities report shall be prepared and submitted within 1 year after the district’s creation.
(6) For purposes of the preparation or revision of local government comprehensive plans required pursuant to s. 163.3161, a special district public facilities report may be used and relied upon by the local general-purpose government or governments within which the special district is located.
(7) Any special district that has completed the construction of its public facilities, improvements to its facilities, or its development is not required to submit a public facilities report, but must submit the information required by paragraph (2)(a).
(8) A special district plan of reclamation required pursuant to general law or special act, including, but not limited to, a plan prepared pursuant to chapter 298 which complies with the requirements of subsection (2), shall satisfy the requirement for a public facilities report. A water management and control plan adopted pursuant to s. 190.013, which complies with the requirements of subsection (2), satisfies the requirement for a public facilities report for the facilities the plan addresses.
(9) The Reedy Creek Improvement District is not required to provide the public facilities report as specified in subsection (2).
(10) Each deepwater port listed in s. 403.021(9)(b) shall satisfy the requirements of subsection (2) by submitting to the appropriate local government a comprehensive master plan as required by s. 163.3178(2)(k). All other ports shall submit a public facilities report as required in subsection (2).
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