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The Florida Senate

2014 Florida Statutes

F.S. 191.008
191.008 Special powers.Independent special fire control districts shall provide for fire suppression and prevention by establishing and maintaining fire stations and fire substations and acquiring and maintaining such firefighting and fire protection equipment deemed necessary to prevent or fight fires. All construction shall be in compliance with applicable state, regional, and local regulations, including adopted comprehensive plans and land development regulations. The board shall have and may exercise any or all of the following special powers relating to facilities and duties authorized by this act:
(1) Establish and maintain emergency medical and rescue response services and acquire and maintain rescue, medical, and other emergency equipment, pursuant to the provisions of chapter 401 and any certificate of public convenience and necessity or its equivalent issued thereunder.
(2) Employ, train, and equip such personnel, and train, coordinate, and equip such volunteer firefighters, as are necessary to accomplish the duties of the district. The board may employ and fix the compensation of a fire chief or chief administrator. The board shall prescribe the duties of such person, which shall include supervision and management of the operations of the district and its employees and maintenance and operation of its facilities and equipment. The fire chief or chief administrator may employ or terminate the employment of such other persons, including, without limitation, professional, supervisory, administrative, maintenance, and clerical employees, as are necessary and authorized by the board. The compensation and other conditions of employment of the officers and employees of the district shall be provided by the board.
(3) Conduct public education to promote awareness of methods to prevent fires and reduce the loss of life and property from fires or other public safety concerns.
(4) Adopt and enforce firesafety standards and codes and enforce the rules of the State Fire Marshal consistent with the exercise of the duties authorized by chapter 553 or chapter 633, with respect to fire suppression, prevention, and firesafety code enforcement.
(5) Conduct arson investigations and cause-and-origin investigations.
(6) Adopt hazardous material safety plans and emergency response plans in coordination with the county emergency management agency as provided in chapter 252.
(7) Contract with general purpose local government for emergency management planning and services.
History.s. 8, ch. 97-256.