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2014 Florida Statutes

F.S. 211.01
211.01 Definitions.As used in this part:
(1) “Barrel” means a unit of measurement for oil production and is 42 U.S. gallons of 231 cubic inches per gallon, computed at a temperature of 60 degrees Fahrenheit, after deduction for the full percent of basic sediment, water, and other impurities as ascertained by centrifugal or other recognized and customary tests.
(2) “Casinghead gas” means gas produced with oil from oil wells, the gas being taken from the well through the casinghead, or the liquid hydrocarbons in solution which may be separated in part by a reduction in pressure at the wellhead and separated more completely in a separator or absorption plant or by another manufacturing process.
(3) “Completion date” means the day, month, and year that a new productive well, a previously shut-in well, or a temporarily abandoned well is completed, repaired, or recompleted and the operator begins producing oil or gas in commercial quantities.
(4) “Cubic foot” means a unit of measurement for gas production and is the volume of gas contained in one cubic foot of space at a base temperature of 60 degrees Fahrenheit and a base pressure of 14.65 pounds per square inch absolute, pressure and specific gravity corrections to be made according to Boyle’s Law and a test made by the balance method, respectively.
(5) “Day” means the standard calendar period of 24 consecutive hours ending at 12 o’clock midnight.
(6) “Department” means the Department of Revenue.
(7) “Gas” means all natural gas, including casinghead gas, and all hydrocarbons not defined as oil, but excludes any hydrogen sulfide gas or sulfur contained, produced, or recovered from such hydrogen sulfide gas.
(8) “Horizontal well” means a well completed with the wellbore in a horizontal or nearly horizontal orientation within 10 degrees of horizontal within the producing formation.
(9) “Long ton” means 2240 pounds and is the unit of measurement in the production of sulfur.
(10) “Mcf” means 1000 cubic feet and is the unit of measurement in the production of gas.
(11) “Month” means a calendar month.
(12) “New field well” means an oil or gas well completed after July 1, 1997, in a new field as designated by the Department of Environmental Protection.
(13) “Oil” means crude petroleum oil or other hydrocarbon, regardless of gravity, which is produced at the well in liquid form by ordinary production methods and which is not the result of condensation of gas after it leaves the reservoir.
(14) “Operator” means the person in charge of a production operation by which taxable oil, gas, or sulfur products are severed.
(15) “Person” means any individual, firm, partnership, joint adventure, syndicate, association, business trust, estate, trust, fiduciary, corporation, group, or combination.
(16) “Producer” means any person who owns, controls, manages, or leases any oil or gas property or oil or gas well or any person who produces in any manner any taxable product, including any person owning any royalty or other interest in any taxable product or its value, whether the taxable product is produced by, or on behalf of, such person under a lease contract or otherwise.
(17) “Production” means the total gross quantity of each taxable product severed during a month, measured as required by this part.
(18) “Purchaser” means any person who directly or indirectly buys, takes, transports, or otherwise removes any production of a taxable oil, gas, or sulfur product to his or her account from a well, lease, or source of supply.
(19) “Sever” means to extract or withdraw any taxable oil, gas, or sulfur product from below the surface of the soil or water of this state by natural or mechanically enforced flow; to produce or recover sulfur from hydrogen sulfide gas; to withdraw from any natural or artificial surface reservoir or water surface, by any means whatsoever, any taxable product upon which tax imposed under this part has not been paid; or to recover any escaped taxable product upon which tax imposed under this part has not been paid.
(20) “Shut-in well” means an oil or gas well that has been taken out of service for economic reasons or mechanical repairs.
(21) “Small well oil” means oil produced from a well from which less than 100 barrels of oil per day are severed, considering only those days of the month during which production of oil from the well actually occurred.
(22) “Sulfur” means any sulfur produced or recovered from hydrogen sulfide gas contained in oil or gas production.
(23) “Taxable product” means the oil, gas, or sulfur severed by a producer during a month.
(24) “Taxable production” means the quantity of a taxable product severed during a month by a producer, measured as required by this part.
(25) “Taxpayer” means the person liable for any tax imposed under this part.
(26) “Temporarily abandoned well” means a permitted well or wellbore that has been abandoned by plugging in a manner that allows reentry and redevelopment in accordance with oil or gas rules of the Department of Environmental Protection.
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