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2015 Florida Statutes

Duties of the property appraiser in making assessments.
F.S. 193.023
193.023 Duties of the property appraiser in making assessments.
(1) The property appraiser shall complete his or her assessment of the value of all property no later than July 1 of each year, except that the department may for good cause shown extend the time for completion of assessment of all property.
(2) In making his or her assessment of the value of real property, the property appraiser is required to physically inspect the property at least once every 5 years. Where geographically suitable, and at the discretion of the property appraiser, the property appraiser may use image technology in lieu of physical inspection to ensure that the tax roll meets all the requirements of law. The Department of Revenue shall establish minimum standards for the use of image technology consistent with standards developed by professionally recognized sources for mass appraisal of real property. However, the property appraiser shall physically inspect any parcel of taxable or state-owned real property upon the request of the taxpayer or owner.
(3) In revaluating property in accordance with constitutional and statutory requirements, the property appraiser may adjust the assessed value placed on any parcel or group of parcels based on mass data collected, on ratio studies prepared by an agency authorized by law, or pursuant to regulations of the Department of Revenue.
(4) In making his or her assessment of leasehold interests in property serving the unit owners of a condominium or cooperative subject to a lease, including property subject to a recreational lease, the property appraiser shall assess the property at its fair market value without regard to the income derived from the lease.
(5) In assessing any parcel of a condominium or any parcel of any other residential development having common elements appurtenant to the parcels, if such common elements are owned by the condominium association or owned jointly by the owners of the parcels, the assessment shall apply to the parcel and its fractional or proportionate share of the appurtenant common elements.
(6) In making assessments of cooperative parcels, the property appraiser shall use the method required by s. 719.114.
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