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2015 Florida Statutes

F.S. 507.03
507.03 Registration.
(1) Each mover and moving broker must register with the department, providing its legal business and trade name, mailing address, and business locations; the full names, addresses, and telephone numbers of its owners or corporate officers and directors and the Florida agent of the corporation; a statement whether it is a domestic or foreign corporation, its state and date of incorporation, its charter number, and, if a foreign corporation, the date it registered with the Department of State; the date on which the mover or broker registered its fictitious name if the mover or broker is operating under a fictitious or trade name; the name of all other corporations, business entities, and trade names through which each owner of the mover or broker operated, was known, or did business as a mover or moving broker within the preceding 5 years; and proof of the insurance or alternative coverages required under s. 507.04.
(2) A certificate evidencing proof of registration shall be issued by the department and must be prominently displayed in the mover’s or broker’s primary place of business.
(3) Registration fees shall be calculated at the rate of $300 per year per mover or moving broker. All amounts collected shall be deposited by the Chief Financial Officer to the credit of the General Inspection Trust Fund of the department for the sole purpose of administration of this chapter.
(4) A registration must be renewed biennially on or before its expiration date. In order to establish staggered expiration dates, the department may extend the expiration date of a registration for a period not to exceed 12 months.
(5) Each contract of a mover or moving broker must include the phrase “  (NAME OF FIRM)   is registered with the State of Florida as a Mover or Moving Broker. Registration No.  .”
(6) Each advertisement of a mover or moving broker must include the phrase “Fla. Mover Reg. No.  ” or “Fla. IM No.  .” Each of the mover’s vehicles must clearly and conspicuously display a sign on the driver’s side door which includes at least one of these phrases in lettering of at least 1.5 inches in height.
(7) A registration is not valid for any mover or broker transacting business at any place other than that designated in the mover’s or broker’s application, unless the department is first notified in writing before any change of location. A registration issued under this chapter is not assignable, and the mover or broker may not conduct business under more than one name except as registered. A mover or broker desiring to change its registered name or location or designated agent for service of process at a time other than upon renewal of registration must notify the department of the change.
(8) The department may deny, refuse to renew, or revoke the registration of any mover or moving broker based upon a determination that the mover or moving broker, or any of the mover’s or moving broker’s directors, officers, owners, or general partners:
(a) Has failed to meet the requirements for registration as provided in this chapter;
(b) Has been convicted of a crime involving fraud, dishonest dealing, or any other act of moral turpitude;
(c) Has not satisfied a civil fine or penalty arising out of any administrative or enforcement action brought by any governmental agency or private person based upon conduct involving fraud, dishonest dealing, or any violation of this chapter;
(d) Has pending against him or her any criminal, administrative, or enforcement proceedings in any jurisdiction, based upon conduct involving fraud, dishonest dealing, or any other act of moral turpitude; or
(e) Has had a judgment entered against him or her in any action brought by the department or the Department of Legal Affairs under this chapter or ss. 501.201-501.213, the Florida Deceptive and Unfair Trade Practices Act.
(9) Each mover and moving broker shall provide evidence of the current and valid insurance or alternative coverages required under s. 507.04.
(10) At the request of the department, each moving broker shall provide a complete list of the movers that the moving broker has contracted or is affiliated with, advertises on behalf of, arranges moves for, or refers shippers to, including each mover’s complete name, address, telephone number, and e-mail address and the name of each mover’s owner or other principal.
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