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2015 Florida Statutes

Duties and functions of the department with respect to domestic violence.
F.S. 39.903
39.903 Duties and functions of the department with respect to domestic violence.The department shall:
(1) Operate the domestic violence program and, in collaboration with the coalition, shall coordinate and administer statewide activities related to the prevention of domestic violence.
(2) Receive and approve or reject applications for initial certification of domestic violence centers. The department shall annually renew the certification thereafter upon receipt of a favorable monitoring report by the coalition.
(3) Have the right to enter and inspect the premises of domestic violence centers that are applying for an initial certification or facing potential suspension or revocation of certification to effectively evaluate the state of compliance with minimum standards.
(4) Promote the involvement of certified domestic violence centers in the coordination, development, and planning of domestic violence programming in the circuits.
(5) Coordinate with state agencies that have health, education, or criminal justice responsibilities to raise awareness of domestic violence and promote consistent policy implementation.
(6) Cooperate with, assist in, and participate in, programs of other properly qualified state agencies, including any agency of the Federal Government, schools of medicine, hospitals, and clinics, in planning and conducting research on the prevention of domestic violence and the provision of services to clients.
(7) Contract with the coalition for the delivery and management of services for the state‚Äôs domestic violence program. Services under this contract include, but are not limited to, the administration of contracts and grants.
(8) Consider applications from certified domestic violence centers for capital improvement grants and award those grants pursuant to s. 39.9055.
(9) Adopt by rule procedures to administer this section, including developing criteria for the approval, suspension, or rejection of certification of domestic violence centers and developing minimum standards for domestic violence centers to ensure the health and safety of the clients in the centers.
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Note.Former s. 409.603; s. 415.603.