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2017 Florida Statutes

Relocation assistance program.
F.S. 445.021
445.021 Relocation assistance program.
(1) The Legislature recognizes that the need for public assistance may arise because a family is located in an area with limited employment opportunities, because of geographic isolation, because of formidable transportation barriers, because of isolation from their extended family, or because domestic violence interferes with the ability of a parent to maintain self-sufficiency. Accordingly, there is established a program to assist families in relocating to communities with greater opportunities for self-sufficiency.
(2) The relocation assistance program shall involve five steps by the local workforce development board, in cooperation with the Department of Children and Families:
(a) A determination that the family is receiving temporary cash assistance or that all requirements of eligibility for diversion services would likely be met.
(b) A determination that there is a basis for believing that relocation will contribute to the ability of the applicant to achieve self-sufficiency. For example, the applicant:
1. Is unlikely to achieve economic self-sufficiency at the current community of residence;
2. Has secured a job that provides an increased salary or improved benefits and that requires relocation to another community;
3. Has a family support network that will contribute to job retention in another community;
4. Is determined, pursuant to criteria or procedures established by the board of directors of CareerSource Florida, Inc., to be a victim of domestic violence who would experience reduced probability of further incidents through relocation; or
5. Must relocate in order to receive education or training that is directly related to the applicant’s employment or career advancement.
(c) Establishment of a relocation plan that includes such requirements as are necessary to prevent abuse of the benefit and provisions to protect the safety of victims of domestic violence and avoid provisions that place them in anticipated danger. The payment to defray relocation expenses shall be determined based on criteria approved by the board of directors of CareerSource Florida, Inc. Participants in the relocation program shall be eligible for diversion or transitional benefits.
(d) A determination, pursuant to criteria adopted by the board of directors of CareerSource Florida, Inc., that a community receiving a relocated family has the capacity to provide needed services and employment opportunities.
(e) Monitoring the relocation.
(3) A family receiving relocation assistance for reasons other than domestic violence must sign an agreement restricting the family from applying for temporary cash assistance for a period of 6 months, unless an emergency is demonstrated to the local workforce development board. If a demonstrated emergency forces the family to reapply for temporary cash assistance within such period, after receiving a relocation assistance payment, repayment must be made on a prorated basis and subtracted from any regular payment of temporary cash assistance for which the applicant may be eligible.
(4) The board of directors of CareerSource Florida, Inc., may establish criteria for developing and implementing relocation plans and for drafting agreements to restrict a family from applying for temporary cash assistance for a specified period after receiving a relocation assistance payment.
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Note.Former s. 414.155.