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2017 Florida Statutes

Other support services.
F.S. 445.025
445.025 Other support services.Support services shall be provided, if resources permit, to assist participants in complying with work activity requirements outlined in s. 445.024. If resources do not permit the provision of needed support services, the local workforce development board may prioritize or otherwise limit provision of support services. This section does not constitute an entitlement to support services. Lack of provision of support services may be considered as a factor in determining whether good cause exists for failing to comply with work activity requirements but does not automatically constitute good cause for failing to comply with work activity requirements, and does not affect any applicable time limit on the receipt of temporary cash assistance or the provision of services under chapter 414. Support services shall include, but need not be limited to:
(1) TRANSPORTATION.Transportation expenses may be provided to any participant when the assistance is needed to comply with work activity requirements or employment requirements, including transportation to and from a child care provider. Payment may be made in cash or tokens in advance or through reimbursement paid against receipts or invoices. Transportation services may include, but are not limited to, cooperative arrangements with the following: public transit providers; community transportation coordinators designated under chapter 427; school districts; churches and community centers; donated motor vehicle programs, van pools, and ridesharing programs; small enterprise developments and entrepreneurial programs that encourage participants to become transportation providers; public and private transportation partnerships; and other innovative strategies to expand transportation options available to program participants.
(a) Local workforce development boards may provide payment for vehicle operational and repair expenses, including repair expenditures necessary to make a vehicle functional; vehicle registration fees; driver license fees; and liability insurance for the vehicle for a period of up to 6 months. Request for vehicle repairs must be accompanied by an estimate of the cost prepared by a repair facility registered under s. 559.904.
(b) Transportation disadvantaged funds as defined in chapter 427 do not include support services funds or funds appropriated to assist persons eligible under the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act. It is the intent of the Legislature that local workforce development boards consult with local community transportation coordinators designated under chapter 427 regarding the availability and cost of transportation services through the coordinated transportation system before contracting for comparable transportation services outside the coordinated system.
(2) ANCILLARY EXPENSES.Ancillary expenses such as books, tools, clothing, fees, and costs necessary to comply with work activity requirements or employment requirements may be provided.
(3) MEDICAL SERVICES.A family that meets the eligibility requirements for Medicaid shall receive medical services under the Medicaid program.
(4) PERSONAL AND FAMILY COUNSELING AND THERAPY.Counseling may be provided to participants who have a personal or family problem or problems caused by substance abuse that is a barrier to compliance with work activity requirements or employment requirements. In providing these services, local workforce development boards shall use services that are available in the community at no additional cost. If these services are not available, local workforce development boards may use support services funds. Personal or family counseling not available through Medicaid may not be considered a medical service for purposes of the required statewide implementation plan or use of federal funds.
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Note.Former s. 414.20.