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2017 Florida Statutes

F.S. 718.121
718.121 Liens.
(1) Subsequent to recording the declaration and while the property remains subject to the declaration, no liens of any nature are valid against the condominium property as a whole except with the unanimous consent of the unit owners. During this period, liens may arise or be created only against individual condominium parcels.
(2) Labor performed on or materials furnished to a unit shall not be the basis for the filing of a lien pursuant to part I of chapter 713, the Construction Lien Law, against the unit or condominium parcel of any unit owner not expressly consenting to or requesting the labor or materials. Labor performed on or materials furnished to the common elements are not the basis for a lien on the common elements, but if authorized by the association, the labor or materials are deemed to be performed or furnished with the express consent of each unit owner and may be the basis for the filing of a lien against all condominium parcels in the proportions for which the owners are liable for common expenses.
(3) If a lien against two or more condominium parcels becomes effective, each owner may relieve his or her condominium parcel of the lien by exercising any of the rights of a property owner under chapter 713, or by payment of the proportionate amount attributable to his or her condominium parcel. Upon the payment, the lienor shall release the lien of record for that condominium parcel.
(4) Except as otherwise provided in this chapter, no lien may be filed by the association against a condominium unit until 30 days after the date on which a notice of intent to file a lien has been delivered to the owner by registered or certified mail, return receipt requested, and by first-class United States mail to the owner at his or her last address as reflected in the records of the association, if the address is within the United States, and delivered to the owner at the address of the unit if the owner’s address as reflected in the records of the association is not the unit address. If the address reflected in the records is outside the United States, sending the notice to that address and to the unit address by first-class United States mail is sufficient. Delivery of the notice shall be deemed given upon mailing as required by this subsection. The notice must be in substantially the following form:


RE: Unit   of   (name of association)  

The following amounts are currently due on your account to   (name of association)  , and must be paid within 30 days after your receipt of this letter. This letter shall serve as the association’s notice of intent to record a Claim of Lien against your property no sooner than 30 days after your receipt of this letter, unless you pay in full the amounts set forth below:

Maintenance due   (dates)       $ .

Late fee, if applicable     $ .

Interest through   (dates)  *     $ .

Certified mail charges     $ .

Other costs     $ .


*Interest accrues at the rate of   percent per annum.

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