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2018 Florida Statutes

Administrative fine in lieu of suspension or revocation of license or appointment.
F.S. 642.047
642.047 Administrative fine in lieu of suspension or revocation of license or appointment.
(1) If, pursuant to procedures provided for in ss. 642.011-642.049, it is found that one or more grounds exist for the suspension or revocation of, or refusal to renew or continue, any license or appointment issued under ss. 642.011-642.049, and except when such suspension, revocation, or refusal is mandatory, an order may be entered imposing upon the licensee or appointee, in lieu of such suspension, revocation, or refusal, an administrative penalty for each violation in the amount of $100 or, in the event of willful misconduct or willful violation on the part of the licensee or appointee, an administrative fine of $500. The administrative penalty may be augmented in amount by an amount equal to any commissions received by or accruing to the credit of the licensee or appointee in connection with any transaction to which the grounds for suspension, revocation, or refusal related.
(2) The order may allow the licensee or appointee a reasonable period not to exceed 30 days, within which to pay to the department or office the amount of the penalty so imposed. If the licensee or appointee fails to pay the penalty in its entirety to the department or office within the period so allowed, the license or appointment of the licensee or appointee shall stand suspended or revoked, or renewal or continuation may be refused, as the case may be, upon expiration of such period and without any further proceedings.
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