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2018 Florida Statutes

F.S. 636.204
636.204 License required.
(1) Before doing business in this state as a discount plan organization, an entity must be a corporation, a limited liability company, or a limited partnership, incorporated, organized, formed, or registered under the laws of this state or authorized to transact business in this state in accordance with chapter 605, part I of chapter 607, chapter 617, chapter 620, or chapter 865, and must be licensed by the office as a discount plan organization or be licensed by the office pursuant to chapter 624, part I of this chapter, or chapter 641.
(2) An application for a license to operate as a discount plan organization must be filed with the office on a form prescribed by the commission. Such application must be sworn to by an officer or authorized representative of the applicant and be accompanied by the following, if applicable:
(a) A copy of the applicant’s articles of incorporation or other organizing documents, including all amendments.
(b) A copy of the applicant’s bylaws.
(c) A list of the names, addresses, official positions, and biographical information of the individuals who are responsible for conducting the applicant’s affairs, including, but not limited to, all members of the board of directors, board of trustees, executive committee, or other governing board or committee, the officers, contracted management company personnel, and any person or entity owning or having the right to acquire 10 percent or more of the voting securities of the applicant. Such listing must fully disclose the extent and nature of any contracts or arrangements between any individual who is responsible for conducting the applicant’s affairs and the discount plan organization, including any possible conflicts of interest.
(d) A complete biographical statement on forms prescribed by the commission, an independent investigation report, and a set of fingerprints, as provided in chapter 624, with respect to each individual identified under paragraph (c).
(e) A statement generally describing the applicant, its facilities and personnel, and the medical services to be offered.
(f) A copy of the form of all contracts made or to be made between the applicant and any providers or provider networks regarding the provision of medical services to members.
(g) A copy of the form of any contract made or arrangement to be made between the applicant and any person listed in paragraph (c).
(h) A copy of the form of any contract made or to be made between the applicant and any person, corporation, partnership, or other entity for the performance on the applicant’s behalf of any function, including, but not limited to, marketing, administration, enrollment, investment management, and subcontracting for the provision of health services to members.
(i) A copy of the applicant’s most recent financial statements audited by an independent certified public accountant. An applicant that is a subsidiary of a parent entity that is publicly traded and that prepares audited financial statements reflecting the consolidated operations of the parent entity and the subsidiary may petition the office to accept, in lieu of the audited financial statement of the applicant, the audited financial statement of the parent entity and a written guaranty by the parent entity that the minimum capital requirements of the applicant required by this part will be met by the parent entity.
(j) A description of the proposed method of marketing.
(k) A description of the subscriber complaint procedures to be established and maintained.
(l) The fee for issuance of a license.
(m) Such other information as the commission or office may reasonably require to make the determinations required by this part.
(3) The office shall issue a license which shall expire 1 year later, and each year on that date thereafter, and which the office shall renew if the licensee pays the annual license fee of $50 and if the office is satisfied that the licensee is in compliance with this part.
(4) Before licensure by the office, each discount plan organization must establish an Internet website so as to conform to the requirements of s. 636.226.
(5) The license fee under subsection (2) is $50 per year per licensee. All amounts collected shall be deposited into the General Revenue Fund.
(6) This part does not require a provider who provides discounts to his or her own patients to obtain and maintain a license as a discount plan organization.
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