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2018 Florida Statutes

Enforcement by persons in privity with the owner.
F.S. 85.011
85.011 Enforcement by persons in privity with the owner.All liens on real or personal property provided for by part I or part II of chapter 713 are enforceable by persons in privity with the owners, except when otherwise provided, as follows:
(1) RETENTION OF POSSESSION.By retention of possession of the property on which the lien has attached for a period of not exceeding 3 months by the person entitled to the lien, if the person was in possession at the time the lien attached.
(2) BY ACTION IN CHANCERY.By an action in chancery, however this is the exclusive remedy for enforcement of liens on the separate statutory property of married women and against estates by the entireties.
(3) ORDINARY ACTION AT LAW.By an ordinary action at law and levy of the execution obtained therein on the property on which the lien is held.
(4) SPECIAL ACTION AT LAW.By an action at law in which the complaint shall state the manner in which the lien arose, the amount for which the lien is held, the description of the property and demand that the property be sold to satisfy the lien. The judgment for plaintiff is a personal judgment against defendant as well as a lien on the property, which it shall describe, and shall direct execution against the property, as well as against the property generally of defendant.
(a) By a person claiming a lien for labor performed, or claiming a landlord’s lien under s. 713.691, filing in the court having jurisdiction of the amount of the lien claimed, a complaint describing the property on which a lien is claimed and stating the facts which authorize or create the lien. Such person is entitled to the summary procedure under s. 51.011.
(b) If the issues are found for plaintiff, judgment shall be entered for the amount found to be due him or her with 15 percent attorney’s fee and costs. The judgment is a prior lien on the property described in the petition over all other liens accruing or that may be filed subsequent to the day the lien for such labor performed or unpaid rent accrued, but if such issues are found for defendant, judgment shall be entered dismissing the action.
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Note.Former ss. 86.01-86.06.