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The Florida Senate

2018 Florida Statutes

The Florida Statutes are updated annually after the conclusion of a regular legislative session, typically published in July/August. 

19 Sections found

Chapter Title
316.192 Reckless driving.
316.193 Driving under the influence; penalties.
316.1938 Ignition interlock devices, certification; warning label.
322.095 Traffic law and substance abuse education program for driver license applicants.
322.26 Mandatory revocation of license by department.
322.2616 Suspension of license; persons under 21 years of age; right to review.
322.271 Authority to modify revocation, cancellation, or suspension order.
322.2715 Ignition interlock device.
322.28 Period of suspension or revocation.
322.291 Driver improvement schools or DUI programs; required in certain suspension and revocation cases.
322.292 DUI programs supervision; powers and duties of the department.
322.293 DUI programs; assessment; disposition.
397.4012 Exemptions from licensure.
784.07 Assault or battery of law enforcement officers, firefighters, emergency medical care providers, public transit employees or agents, or other specified officers; reclassification of offenses; minimum sentences.
907.041 Pretrial detention and release.
921.0022 Criminal Punishment Code; offense severity ranking chart.
943.05 Criminal Justice Information Program; duties; crime reports.
947.146 Control Release Authority.
948.062 Reviewing and reporting serious offenses committed by offenders placed on probation or community control.