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2019 Florida Statutes

Definitions; ss. 186.001-186.031, 186.801-186.901.
F.S. 186.003
186.003 Definitions; ss. 186.001-186.031, 186.801-186.901.As used in ss. 186.001-186.031 and 186.801-186.901, the term:
(1) “Executive Office of the Governor” means the Office of Planning and Budgeting of the Executive Office of the Governor.
(2) “Goal” means the long-term end toward which programs and activities are ultimately directed.
(3) “Objective” means a specific, measurable, intermediate end that is achievable and marks progress toward a goal.
(4) “Policy” means the way in which programs and activities are conducted to achieve an identified goal.
(5) “Regional planning agency” means the regional planning council created pursuant to ss. 186.501-186.515 to exercise responsibilities under ss. 186.001-186.031 and 186.801-186.901 in a particular region of the state.
(6) “State agency” or “agency” means any official, officer, commission, board, authority, council, committee, or department of the executive branch of state government. For purposes of this chapter, “state agency” or “agency” includes state attorneys, public defenders, the capital collateral regional counsel, the Justice Administrative Commission, and the Public Service Commission.
(7) “State comprehensive plan” means the state planning document required in s. 19, Art. III of the State Constitution and published as ss. 187.101 and 187.201.
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Note.Former s. 23.0112.