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2019 Florida Statutes

Executive Office of the Governor; powers and duties.
F.S. 186.506
186.506 Executive Office of the Governor; powers and duties.The Executive Office of the Governor, or its designee, shall:
(1) Arbitrate and settle disputes between regional planning councils.
(2) Provide assistance to local general-purpose governments concerning organization of, or reorganization into, a regional planning council.
(3) Review, modify, reject, or approve those rules of the regional planning councils which pertain to the functions designated to the regional planning councils by the state. These rules shall be submitted to the Governor or his or her designee and, if not acted upon within 30 days of receipt, they will be assumed to be in force.
(4) Conduct an in-depth analysis of the current boundaries of comprehensive planning districts to ensure that the regional planning councils working within them together form a workable system for effective regional planning, and that each council can adequately perform the tasks assigned to it by law. The Executive Office of the Governor shall include in its study the preferences of local general-purpose governments; the effects of population migration, transportation networks, population increases and decreases, economic development centers, trade areas, natural resource systems, federal program requirements, designated air quality nonattainment areas, economic relationships among cities and counties, and media markets; and other data, projections, or studies that it determines to be of significance in establishing district boundaries. The Executive Office of the Governor may make such changes in the district boundaries as are found to be feasible and desirable, shall complete a review of existing boundaries by January 1, 1994, and may revise and update the boundaries from time to time thereafter. 3, 5, ch. 80-315; s. 4, ch. 82-46; s. 1, ch. 92-182; ss. 31, 38, ch. 93-206; s. 960, ch. 95-147.
Note.Former s. 160.05.