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2019 Florida Statutes

F.S. 218.385
218.385 Local government bonds; sale.
(1) All general obligation bonds and revenue bonds sold by a unit of local government, as defined in s. 218.369, shall be sold at public sale by competitive bids at such place or places as the governing body shall determine to receive proposals for the purchase of such bonds. Notice of such sale shall be published one or more times at least 10 days prior to the date of sale in one or more newspapers or financial journals published within or without the state and shall contain such terms as the governing body shall deem advisable and proper under the circumstances. However, if the governing body shall by resolution adopted at a public meeting determine that a negotiated sale of such bonds is in the best interest of the issuer, the governing body may negotiate for sale of such bonds.
(a) In the resolution authorizing the negotiated sale, the local governing body shall provide specific findings as to the reasons requiring the negotiated sale.
(b) A resolution authorizing a negotiated bond sale may be the same resolution as that authorizing the issuance of such bonds.
(2) Prior to the award of bonds, all proposals for the purchase of any bonds offered by a unit of local government as defined in s. 218.369 shall include a truth-in-bonding statement in substantially the following form:

The   (insert unit of local government)   is proposing to issue $  (insert principal)   of debt or obligation for the purpose of   (insert purpose)  . This debt or obligation is expected to be repaid over a period of   (insert term of issue)   years. At a forecasted interest rate of   (insert rate of interest)  , total interest paid over the life of the debt or obligation will be $  (insert sum of interest payments)  .

(3) Truth-in-bonding statements shall also include language in substantially the following form:

The source of repayment or security for this proposal is the   (insert the unit of local government)   existing   (insert fund)  . Authorizing this debt or obligation will result in $  (insert the annual amount)   of   (insert unit of local government)    (insert fund)   moneys not being available to finance the other services of the   (insert unit of local government)   each year for   (insert the length of the debt or obligation)  .

(4) All proposals for the purchase of any bonds offered by a unit of local government shall be opened in public. Such bonds when competitively bid shall be awarded by resolution to the lowest bid consistent with the notice of sale.
(5) No bid conforming to the notice of sale may be rejected unless all bids are rejected. If all bids are rejected, such bonds may be sold thereafter at public sale by competitive bids or by negotiated sale pursuant to this section.
(6) In the event the local governing body decides to negotiate for a sale of bonds, the managing underwriter, or financial consultant or adviser if applicable, shall provide to the unit of local government, prior to the award of bonds to the managing underwriter, a disclosure statement containing the following information:
(a) An itemized list setting forth the nature and estimated amounts of expenses to be incurred by the managing underwriter in connection with the issuance of such bonds. Notwithstanding the foregoing, any such list may include an item for miscellaneous expenses, provided it includes only minor items of expense which cannot be easily categorized elsewhere in the statement.
(b) The names, addresses, and estimated amounts of compensation of any finders, as defined in s. 218.386, connected with the issuance of the bonds.
(c) The amount of underwriting spread expected to be realized.
(d) Any management fee charged by the managing underwriter.
(e) Any other fee, bonus, and other compensation estimated to be paid by the managing underwriter in connection with the bond issue to any person not regularly employed or retained by it.
(f) The name and address of the managing underwriter or underwriters, if any, connected with the bond issue.
(g) Any other disclosure which the local governing body may require.

This subsection is not intended to restrict or prohibit the employment of professional services relating to local government bond issues.

(7) The failure of a unit of local government to comply with one or more provisions of this section or s. 218.38 shall not affect the validity of the bond issue; however, upon such failure to comply, the unit of local government shall be subject to the sanctions provided in s. 218.38(3).
(8) The truth-in-bonding statements prepared pursuant to this section are for informational purposes only and shall not affect or control the actual terms and conditions of the debt or obligations.
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