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The Florida Senate

2019 Florida Statutes

The Florida Statutes are updated annually after the conclusion of a regular legislative session, typically published in July/August. 

36 Sections found

Chapter Title
190.001 Short title.
190.002 Legislative findings, policies, and intent.
190.003 Definitions.
190.004 Preemption; sole authority.
190.005 Establishment of district.
190.006 Board of supervisors; members and meetings.
190.007 Board of supervisors; general duties.
190.008 Budget; reports and reviews.
190.009 Disclosure of public financing.
190.011 General powers.
190.012 Special powers; public improvements and community facilities.
190.0125 Purchase, privatization, or sale of water, sewer, or wastewater reuse utility by district.
190.013 Water management and control plan.
190.014 Issuance of bond anticipation notes.
190.015 Short-term borrowing.
190.016 Bonds.
190.017 Trust agreements.
190.021 Taxes; non-ad valorem assessments.
190.022 Special assessments.
190.023 Issuance of certificates of indebtedness based on assessments for assessable improvements; assessment bonds.
190.024 Tax liens.
190.025 Payment of taxes and redemption of tax liens by the district; sharing in proceeds of tax sale.
190.026 Foreclosure of liens.
190.031 Mandatory use of certain district facilities and services.
190.033 Bids required.
190.035 Fees, rentals, and charges; procedure for adoption and modifications; minimum revenue requirements.
190.036 Recovery of delinquent charges.
190.037 Discontinuance of service.
190.041 Enforcement and penalties.
190.043 Suits against the district.
190.044 Exemption of district property from execution.
190.046 Termination, contraction, or expansion of district.
190.047 Incorporation or annexation of district.
190.048 Sale of real estate within a district; required disclosure to purchaser.
190.0485 Notice of establishment.
190.049 Special acts prohibited.