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2020 Florida Statutes

Responsibility for county road system; approval of maps of reservation.
F.S. 336.02
336.02 Responsibility for county road system; approval of maps of reservation.
(1)(a) The commissioners are invested with the general superintendence and control of the county roads and structures within their respective counties, and they may establish new roads, change and discontinue old roads, and keep the roads in good repair in the manner herein provided. They are responsible for establishing the width and grade of such roads and structures in their respective counties.
(b) Commissioners may approve maps of reservation for any transportation facility or transportation corridor within the county’s jurisdiction. Any such maps must delineate the limits of the transportation corridor or of the proposed rights-of-way for the eventual widening of an existing or proposed transportation facility. Before approving or disapproving such map, the governing body of the county shall advertise and hold a public hearing and shall notify all property owners of record within the limits of the transportation corridor or rights-of-way of the transportation facility shown on the proposed map, as recorded in the property appraiser’s office, and all local governmental entities in which the transportation corridor or transportation facility is located, by mail at least 20 days prior to the date set for the hearing. If the map is approved by the governing body of the county, the circuit court clerk or county clerk, as appropriate, of the affected county shall forthwith record the map in accordance with chapter 177 in the public land records of the county. Minor amendments to such maps may be made by the county after recordation, which amendments are not subject to the notice and public hearing provisions of this section, except that property owners directly affected by changes in a minor amendment and all local governmental entities in which a minor amendment occurs must be notified by mail. Minor amendments are defined as those changes which affect less than 5 percent of the total area within the map.
(2) Upon recording, such map shall establish a building setback line from the centerline of any transportation facility and an area of proposed right-of-way and shall cite the ordinance which defines building restrictions for such maps.
(3) Prior to filing any map pursuant to this section, a county shall have adopted an ordinance defining the types of restrictions on nonresidential and residential construction within the proposed rights-of-way and building setback lines. In no case, however, shall said ordinance restrict the renovation of an existing residential structure when the cost of the renovation does not exceed 20 percent of the appraised value of the structure.
(4) Upon petition by any property owner of record within the limits of the map, alleging that such property regulation is unreasonable or arbitrary and that its effect is to deny a substantial portion of the beneficial use of such property, the county shall hold a hearing. When such a hearing results in a finding in favor of the petitioning property owner, the county shall have 180 days from the date of such order to acquire such property, to amend the map, to withdraw the map, or to file appropriate proceedings. Either party may seek appellate review.
(5) Upon the failure by the county to acquire such property or to initiate acquisition proceedings, the appropriate local governmental entity may issue any permit in accordance with its established procedures.
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