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The Florida Senate

2020 Florida Statutes

F.S. 628.221
628.221 Bylaws of mutual insurer.
(1) The initial board of directors of a domestic mutual insurer shall adopt original bylaws, subject to the approval of the insurer’s members at the next succeeding meeting. The members shall have power to make, modify, and revoke bylaws.
(2) The bylaws shall provide:
(a) That each member is entitled to one vote upon each matter coming to a vote at meetings of members, or to more votes in accordance with a reasonable classification of members as set forth in the bylaws and based upon the amount of insurance in force, or upon the amount of the premiums paid by such member, or upon other reasonable factors. A member shall have the right to vote in person or by his or her written proxy. No such proxy shall be made irrevocable or for longer than a reasonable period of time;
(b) For the election of directors by the members and the number, qualifications, terms of office, and powers of the directors;
(c) The time, notice, quorum, and conduct of annual and special meetings of members and voting thereat. The bylaws may provide that the annual meeting shall be held at a place, date, and time to be set forth in the policy and without giving other notice of such meeting;
(d) The number, designation, election, terms, and powers and duties of the respective corporate officer;
(e) For deposit, custody, and disbursement of and accounting for corporate funds;
(f) That a quorum at all annual and special meetings of members will consist of all members present and voting in person or by proxy, after due notice of such meeting;
(g) For any other reasonable provisions customary, necessary, or convenient for the management or regulation of its corporate affairs and not inconsistent with law.
(3) The insurer shall promptly file with the office a copy, certified by the insurer’s secretary, of its bylaws and of every modification thereof or addition thereto. The office shall disapprove any bylaw provision deemed by it to be unlawful, unreasonable, inadequate, unfair, or detrimental to the proper interests or protection of the insurer’s members or any class thereof. The insurer shall not, after receiving written notice of such disapproval and during the existence thereof, effectuate any bylaw provision so disapproved.
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