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2021 Florida Statutes (Including 2021B Session)

F.S. 212.0596
1212.0596 Taxation of remote sales.
(1) As used in this chapter, the term:
(a) “Remote sale” means a retail sale of tangible personal property ordered by mail, telephone, the Internet, or other means of communication from a person who receives the order outside of this state and transports the property or causes the property to be transported from any jurisdiction, including this state, to a location in this state. For purposes of this paragraph, tangible personal property delivered to a location within this state is presumed to be used, consumed, distributed, or stored to be used or consumed in this state.
(b) “Substantial number of remote sales” means any number of taxable remote sales in the previous calendar year in which the sum of the sales prices, as defined in s. 212.02(16), exceeded $100,000.
(2) Every person making a substantial number of remote sales is a dealer for purposes of this chapter.
(3) The department may establish by rule procedures for collecting the use tax from unregistered persons who but for their remote purchases would not be required to remit sales or use tax directly to the department. The procedures may provide for waiver of registration, provisions for irregular remittance of tax, elimination of the collection allowance, and nonapplication of local option surtaxes.
(4) A marketplace provider that is a dealer under this chapter or a person who is required to collect and remit sales tax on remote sales is required to collect surtax when the taxable item of tangible personal property is delivered within a county imposing a surtax as provided in s. 212.054(3)(a).
History.s. 3, ch. 87-402; s. 84, ch. 90-132; s. 30, ch. 91-112; s. 1, ch. 92-207; s. 1112, ch. 95-147; s. 34, ch. 95-280; s. 3, ch. 97-99; s. 25, ch. 2017-36; s. 5, ch. 2021-2.

A. Section 24, ch. 2021-2, provides that “[t]his act first applies to remote sales made or facilitated on or after July 1, 2021, by a person who made or facilitated a substantial number of remote sales in calendar year 2020. A marketplace seller shall consider only those sales made outside of a marketplace to determine whether it made a substantial number of remote sales in calendar year 2020.”

B. Section 26, ch. 2021-2, provides that:

“(1) The Department of Revenue is authorized, and all conditions are deemed met, to adopt emergency rules pursuant to s. 120.54(4), Florida Statutes, for the purpose of administering this act.

“(2) Notwithstanding any other law, emergency rules adopted pursuant to subsection (1) are effective for 6 months after adoption and may be renewed during the pendency of procedures to adopt permanent rules addressing the subject of the emergency rules.

“(3) This section shall take effect upon this act becoming a law and expires July 1, 2023.”