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The Florida Senate

2021 Florida Statutes (Including 2021B Session)

The Florida Statutes are updated annually after the conclusion of a regular legislative session, typically published in July/August. 

92 Sections found

Chapter Title
440.01 Short title.
440.015 Legislative intent.
440.02 Definitions.
440.021 Exemption of workers’ compensation from chapter 120.
440.03 Application.
440.04 Waiver of exemption.
440.05 Election of exemption; revocation of election; notice; certification.
440.055 Notice requirements.
440.06 Failure to secure compensation; effect.
440.075 When corporate officer rejects chapter; effect.
440.077 When a corporate officer rejects chapter, effect.
440.09 Coverage.
440.091 Law enforcement officer, firefighter, emergency medical technician, or paramedic; when acting within the course of employment.
440.092 Special requirements for compensability; deviation from employment; subsequent intervening accidents.
440.093 Mental and nervous injuries.
440.094 Extraterritorial reciprocity.
440.10 Liability for compensation.
440.101 Legislative intent; drug-free workplaces.
440.102 Drug-free workplace program requirements.
440.1025 Employer workplace safety program in ratesetting; program requirements; rulemaking.
440.103 Building permits; identification of minimum premium policy.
440.104 Competitive bidder; civil actions.
440.105 Prohibited activities; reports; penalties; limitations.
440.1051 Fraud reports; civil immunity; criminal penalties.
440.106 Civil remedies; administrative penalties.
440.107 Department powers to enforce employer compliance with coverage requirements.
440.108 Investigatory records relating to workers’ compensation employer compliance; confidentiality.
440.11 Exclusiveness of liability.
440.12 Time for commencement and limits on weekly rate of compensation.
440.125 Medical records and reports; identifying information in employee medical bills; confidentiality.
440.13 Medical services and supplies; penalty for violations; limitations.
440.132 Investigatory records relating to workers’ compensation managed care arrangements; confidentiality.
440.134 Workers’ compensation managed care arrangement.
440.14 Determination of pay.
440.15 Compensation for disability.
440.151 Occupational diseases.
440.16 Compensation for death.
440.17 Guardian for minor or incompetent.
440.185 Notice of injury or death; reports; penalties for violations.
440.1851 Personal identifying information of an injured or deceased employee; public records exemption.
440.19 Time bars to filing petitions for benefits.
440.191 Employee Assistance and Ombudsman Office.
440.192 Procedure for resolving benefit disputes.
440.1926 Alternate dispute resolution; claim arbitration.
440.20 Time for payment of compensation and medical bills; penalties for late payment.
440.205 Coercion of employees.
440.207 Workers’ compensation system guide.
440.21 Invalid agreements.
440.211 Authorization of collective bargaining agreement.
440.22 Assignment and exemption from claims of creditors.
440.23 Compensation a lien against assets.
440.24 Enforcement of compensation orders; penalties.
440.25 Procedures for mediation and hearings.
440.271 Appeal of order of judge of compensation claims.
440.2715 Access to courts through state video teleconferencing network.
440.28 Modification of orders.
440.29 Procedure before the judge of compensation claims.
440.30 Depositions.
440.31 Witness fees.
440.32 Cost in proceedings brought without reasonable ground.
440.33 Powers of judges of compensation claims.
440.34 Attorney’s fees; costs.
440.345 Reporting of attorney’s fees.
440.35 Record of injury or death.
440.38 Security for compensation; insurance carriers and self-insurers.
440.381 Application for coverage; reporting payroll; payroll audit procedures; penalties.
440.385 Florida Self-Insurers Guaranty Association, Incorporated.
440.3851 Public records and public meetings exemptions.
440.386 Individual self-insurers’ insolvency; conservation; liquidation.
440.39 Compensation for injuries when third persons are liable.
440.40 Compensation notice.
440.41 Substitution of carrier for employer.
440.42 Insurance policies; liability.
440.44 Workers’ compensation; staff organization.
440.442 Code of Judicial Conduct.
440.45 Office of the Judges of Compensation Claims.
440.47 Travel expenses.
440.49 Limitation of liability for subsequent injury through Special Disability Trust Fund.
440.491 Reemployment of injured workers; rehabilitation.
440.50 Workers’ Compensation Administration Trust Fund.
440.51 Expenses of administration.
440.515 Reports from self-insurers; confidentiality.
440.52 Registration of insurance carriers; notice of cancellation or expiration of policy; suspension or revocation of authority.
440.525 Examination and investigation of carriers and claims-handling entities.
440.53 Effect of unconstitutionality.
440.54 Violation of child labor law.
440.55 Proceedings against state.
440.572 Authorization for individual self-insurer to provide coverage.
440.585 Workers’ compensation group self-insurance fund application disclosure.
440.591 Administrative procedure; rulemaking authority.
440.593 Electronic reporting.
440.60 Application of laws.