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The Florida Senate

2022 Florida Statutes (including 2022C, 2022D, 2022A, and 2023B)

State solid waste management program.
F.S. 403.705
403.705 State solid waste management program.
(1) The state solid waste management program shall:
(a) Provide guidelines for the orderly storage, separation, processing, recovery, recycling, and disposal of solid waste throughout the state;
(b) Encourage coordinated local activity for solid waste management within a common geographical area;
(c) Investigate the present status of solid waste management in the state with positive proposals for local action to correct deficiencies in present solid waste management processes;
(d) Provide planning, technical, and financial assistance to local governments and state agencies for reduction, recycling, reuse, and processing of solid waste and for safe and environmentally sound solid waste management and disposal;
(e) Assist in the development of solid waste reduction and recycling programs to properly manage solid waste and conserve resources; and
(f) Provide for the education of the general public and the training of solid waste management professionals to reduce the production of solid waste, to ensure proper processing and disposal of solid waste, and to encourage recycling and solid waste reduction.
(2) The state solid waste management program shall include, at a minimum:
(a) Procedures and requirements to ensure cooperative efforts in solid waste management by counties and municipalities and groups of counties and municipalities where appropriate.
(b) Provisions for the continuation of existing effective regional resource recovery, recycling, and solid waste management facilities and programs.
(c) Planning guidelines and technical assistance to counties and municipalities to aid in meeting the municipal solid waste recycling goals established in s. 403.706(2).
(d) Planning guidelines and technical assistance to counties and municipalities to develop and implement recycling programs.
(e) Technical assistance to counties and municipalities in determining the full cost for solid waste management pursuant to s. 403.7049(1).
(f) Planning guidelines and technical assistance to counties and municipalities to develop and implement programs for alternative disposal or processing or recycling of the solid wastes prohibited from disposal in landfills under s. 403.708(12) and for special wastes.
(g) A public education program, to be developed in cooperation with the Department of Education, local governments, other state agencies, and business and industry organizations, to inform the public of the need for and the benefits of recycling of solid waste and reducing the amounts of solid and hazardous waste generated and disposed of in the state. The public education program shall be implemented through public workshops and through the use of brochures, reports, public service announcements, and other materials.
(3) The department shall evaluate and report biennially to the President of the Senate and the Speaker of the House of Representatives on the state‚Äôs success in meeting the solid waste recycling goal as described in s. 403.706(2).
(4) The department shall adopt rules creating a voluntary certification program for materials recovery facilities. The certification criteria shall be based upon the amount and type of materials recycled and the compliance record of the facility and may vary depending on the location in the state and the available markets for the materials that are processed. Any materials recovery facility seeking certification shall file an application to modify its permit, or shall include a certification application as part of its original permit application, which application shall not require an additional fee. The department shall adopt a form for certification applications, and shall require at least annual reports to verify the continued qualification for certification. In order to assist in the development of the certification program, the department shall appoint a technical advisory committee.
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