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The Florida Senate

2023 Florida Statutes (including 2023C)

F.S. 466.0067
466.0067 Application for health access dental license.The Legislature finds that there is an important state interest in attracting dentists to practice in underserved health access settings in this state and further, that allowing out-of-state dentists who meet certain criteria to practice in health access settings without the supervision of a dentist licensed in this state is substantially related to achieving this important state interest. Therefore, notwithstanding the requirements of s. 466.006, the board shall grant a health access dental license to practice dentistry in this state in health access settings as defined in s. 466.003 to an applicant who:
(1) Files an appropriate application approved by the board;
(2) Pays an application license fee for a health access dental license, laws-and-rule exam fee, and an initial licensure fee. The fees specified in this subsection may not differ from an applicant seeking licensure pursuant to s. 466.006;
(3) Has not been convicted of or pled nolo contendere to, regardless of adjudication, any felony or misdemeanor related to the practice of a health care profession;
(4) Submits proof of graduation from a dental school accredited by the Commission on Dental Accreditation of the American Dental Association or its successor agency;
(5) Submits documentation that she or he has completed, or will obtain before licensure, continuing education equivalent to this state’s requirement for dentists licensed under s. 466.006 for the last full reporting biennium before applying for a health access dental license;
(6) Submits proof of her or his successful completion of parts I and II of the dental examination by the National Board of Dental Examiners and a state or regional clinical dental licensing examination that the board has determined effectively measures the applicant’s ability to practice safely;
(7) Currently holds a valid, active dental license in good standing which has not been revoked, suspended, restricted, or otherwise disciplined from another of the United States, the District of Columbia, or a United States territory;
(8) Has never had a license revoked from another of the United States, the District of Columbia, or a United States territory;
(9) Has never failed the examination specified in s. 466.006, unless the applicant was reexamined pursuant to s. 466.006 and received a license to practice dentistry in this state;
(10) Has not been reported to the National Practitioner Data Bank, unless the applicant successfully appealed to have his or her name removed from the data bank;
(11) Submits proof that he or she has been engaged in the active, clinical practice of dentistry providing direct patient care for 5 years immediately preceding the date of application, or in instances when the applicant has graduated from an accredited dental school within the preceding 5 years, submits proof of continuous clinical practice providing direct patient care since graduation; and
(12) Has passed an examination covering the laws and rules of the practice of dentistry in this state as described in s. 466.006(4)(a). 3, 6, ch. 2008-64; s. 104, ch. 2010-5; s. 10, ch. 2011-95; s. 2, ch. 2014-108; s. 1, ch. 2020-47; s. 24, ch. 2020-133.