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2023 Florida Statutes (including 2023C)

Removal of disabilities of minors; artistic or creative services; professional sports contracts; judicial approval.
F.S. 743.08
743.08 Removal of disabilities of minors; artistic or creative services; professional sports contracts; judicial approval.
(1) A contract made by a minor or made by a parent or guardian of a minor, or a contract proposed to be so made, may be approved by the probate division of the circuit court or any other division of the circuit court that has guardianship jurisdiction, where the minor is a resident of this state or the services of the minor are to be performed or rendered in this state, where the contract sought to be approved is one under which:
(a) The minor is to perform or render artistic or creative services, including, but not limited to, services as an actor, actress, dancer, musician, vocalist, model, stunt person, conductor, or other performing artist.
(b) The minor is to render services as a participant or player in professional athletics or semiprofessional athletics, including, but not limited to, track and field, surfing, sailing, diving, boxing, gymnastics, ice skating, wrestling, bicycling, soccer, horse racing, motocross, softball, baseball, football, hockey, basketball, tennis, golf, and jai alai.
(c) The minor will endorse a product or service, or in any other way receive compensation for the use of right of publicity of the minor as that right is defined by s. 540.08.
(d) The minor agrees to purchase, sell, lease, license, transfer, or otherwise exploit literary, musical, or dramatic properties, whether tangible or intangible, or any rights therein for use in motion pictures, television, the production of phonorecords, the legitimate or living stage, or otherwise in the entertainment field.
(e) A person is employed to receive compensation from the minor for services to the minor in connection with such performing or athletic services of the minor such as a coach, manager, agent, trainer, or otherwise to represent or advise the minor in connection with contracts therefor.
(2) Approval under this section may be sought for a contract or agreement that is already in existence and under which the parties are currently performing.
(3)(a) If a contract described by subsection (1) is so approved by the circuit court pursuant to the requirements of this section and the requirements of ss. 743.09, 743.095, and chapter 744, the minor may not, either during his or her minority or upon reaching his or her majority, disaffirm the contract on the ground of minority or assert that the parent or guardian lacked authority to make the contract. A contract modified, amended, or assigned after its approval under this section shall be deemed a new contract.
(b) If a contract described by subsection (1) is so approved, all earnings, royalties, or other compensation earned or received by the minor pursuant to said approved contract shall become the property of the minor, subject to the provisions of ss. 743.09, 743.095, and chapter 744.
(4)(a) Approval of the contract pursuant to this section shall not exempt any person from any other law with respect to licenses, consents, or authorizations required for any conduct, employment, use, or exhibition of the minor in this state, nor limit in any manner the discretion of the licensing authority or other persons charged with the administration of such requirements, nor dispense with any other requirement of law relating to the minor.
(b) Approval of a contract pursuant to this section does not remove the disability of nonage for any other contract with the same minor which is not approved by the court pursuant to this section, nor is the disability of nonage of the minor removed generally for the minor, nor is the minor emancipated for any other purpose or contract other than the performance of contracts approved pursuant to this section.
(c) No contract shall be approved which provides for an employment, use, or exhibition of the minor, within or without the state, which is prohibited by law and in particular by any federal or state child labor law, and could not be licensed to take place in this state.
(d) No contract shall be approved by the court:
1. Unless a written acquiescence to such contract by the parent or parents having custody, or other person having custody of the minor, is filed in the proceeding;
2. Unless written approval is given by the guardian ad litem appointed by the court in this proceeding; or
3. If the court shall find that the minor is emancipated.
(e) No contract shall be approved, if the term during which the minor is to perform or render services or during which a person is employed to render services to a minor, including any extensions thereof by option or otherwise, extends for a period of more than 3 years from the date of approval of the contract. If the contract contains any other covenant or condition which extends beyond such 3 years, the same may be approved if found to be reasonable and for such period as the court may determine.
(f) If the court which has approved a contract pursuant to this section shall find that the physical or mental well-being of the minor is being impaired by the performance thereof or in violation of any child labor law, it may, at any time during the term of the contract during which services are to be performed by the minor or rendered by or to the minor or during the term of any other covenant or condition of the contract, either revoke its approval of the contract or declare such approval revoked unless a modification of the contract which the court finds to be appropriate in the circumstances is agreed upon by the parties and the contract as modified is approved by order of the court. Application for an order pursuant to this subsection may be made by the minor, or his or her parent or parents or guardian, or by the person having the care and custody of the minor, or by a guardian ad litem appointed for the purpose by the court on its own motion. The order granting or denying the application shall be made after hearing, upon notice to the parties to the proceeding in which the contract was approved, given in such manner as the court shall direct. Revocation of the approval of the contract shall not affect any right of action existing at the date of the revocation, except that the court may determine that a refusal to perform on the ground of impairment of the well-being of the minor was justified.
History.s. 38, ch. 95-401.